Grow as a soccer player and as a person in Barcelona with WOSPAC

Posted by kamal on April 2nd, 2019

The correct personal formation covers a major role in the professional development of a person. Therefore, it is crucial to be surrounded by an healthy and athletic environment. Here at WOSPAC Barcelona we strive to take care of the needs of each player who decides to undertake an academic and professional growth process. Players can rely on the most advanced and high-tech facilities. At his/her disposal a player can benefit from swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, cafeteria, leisure rooms and the most up-to-date training grounds in order to provide the best training conditions to allow the player to improve and train at his/her best.

In addition to what just mentioned, players here at WOSPAC Barcelona come from all over globe: Russia, Australia, China, India, Qatar, just to mention some of them. This international influence within the company, enrich the cultural diversity among the players and the company, which creates the possibility to practice and enhance different languages at the same time. The cohabitation, which must be considered another fundamental pillar of the overall experience here at WOSPAC Barcelona, will be the perfect tool through which feelings, emotions and experiences can be shared among the players. During the staying, a supervisor-mentor will always follow the players throughout each stage of their experiences, in order to guide and help them in achieving the final goal. 

It is an experience that will be kept in the record books. A remarkable number of talents have gone by our soccer academy who are currently involved in the world of football, and all of them can easily recall with emotion and passion the wonderful times spent at WOSPAC, which can be considered their life time “home”.

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