High-Tech Soccer academy in Barcelona

Posted by kamal on April 2nd, 2019

The overall performance of an athlete, especially in football, does not only rely on a good physical condition. In order to achieve the peak performance, an athlete, in this specific case a soccer player, must follow a standardized and customized development process based on different factors/aspects (training, diet etc..) that combined together enable the player to reach the peak of his/her overall condition. It is not only about providing the right “ingredients” what matters is to put them together in the right way at the right moment, and this is what we do here at WOSPAC. Any lack of consistency in one of those factors can be considered the cause of a general decrease in performance. In our soccer academy spain we work hard every day in order to provide the right tools to help the player to achieve his/her best performance. The best way to do so is to professionally treat each player, based on his/her specific needs. When it comes to the practical side, WOSPAC provides training on a daily schedule, customized tests for each player, implementation of High-Tec material, focus on coordination, tactics, technique, video analysis and of course, all of this surrounded by a professional and safe environment.

Another key factor of WOSPAC is its strategic location in relation to Barcelona. Only 15-20 minutes ride (by bus, train, tram etc..) the players can easily enjoy all the wonderful experiences that this amazing city can offers.

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