What is employee monitoring software? Is it worth?

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on April 2nd, 2019

Employee monitoring software is special software that allows you to monitor the activities of your employees during their working hours in order to detect company sticky points - inappropriate use of PCs, leakage of confidential information, conference registration, fraudulent actions of employees, etc., as well as to optimize workflows.

Why exactly you need it?

Experience shows that workers can spend a lot of time working in social networks, playing games, watching various videos and visiting entertainment sites. The employee monitoring system allows the head of the company or any other responsible person to analyze the performance of a particular person, organization or enterprise as a whole.

In addition, the use of computer monitoring software may be necessary in case if your employees deal with commercially sensitive or other very important information.

What are the goals of using employee monitoring software?

  • Monitor the efficiency of your staff time
  • Monitor a suspicious employee whose activity raises questions from managers or security personnel
  • Quickly prevent an employee from malicious actions against the company
  • Investigate information security incidents

The main focus of the employee’s computer monitoring is the control of working time, in particular, the on / off control of the system, the recording of keystrokes and mouse clicks, as well as tracking of running applications and Internet activity. Turning on / off the monitoring system, pressing the keys and clicking the mouse allows the head of the company to be aware of the user's activity on the PC, including - the worker’s exit to and from the workplace, absenteeism and late arrival, excessive working hours, Total computer time, active or downtime.

Meetings, conference and projection

However, this information itself does not reflect the overall picture of employee performance. To determine the level of IT, it is necessary to analyze this information in detail and divide all activities into two - productive and unproductive. In this way, Reporting can be considered an integral part of employee tracking software. Thus, reports on the efficiency of using PC workers are made according to the type of application this employee deals with, visits to certain sites,meeting registration, etc.

In addition to monitoring user activity, computer surveillance software solves many of the problems associated with data transmission channels and preventing the leakage of confidential information. The OS registry, hardware, ports, programs, and websites are used, and much more can also be monitored by software monitoring personnel. The company's computers are subject to various malicious programs due to unlimited Internet surfing.

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