Visionary Tech Event Gadgets to Amaze Your Public

Posted by Harry on April 2nd, 2019

Every day starts with a new technology invented. Science has provided world with the unbelievable things, including some really advance gadgets to surprise the public of the events. Have a look at the futurist tech gadgets.

Virtual reality

This is a gadget that can surprise your event public in any way you want. Oculus is a future device that transports you into the graphics world. It takes you to inside whatever you are seeing and you can literally feel yourself inside the movie or video. Virtual reality technology can definitely bring excitement to your event.

Drone technology

Another gadget that draws the delegate’s attention and can make a good impression is Drone. Planes and copters flying over your head always look fascinating. They will capture photographs and videos of your event without much trouble. Drones can also drop some gifts over to your delegates which will make a wonderful impression of your event.


Glisser is a really incredible and easy website that allows you to interact with your audience during your presentation. It lets you to have online Q&A, polling and express event stuff socially. Glisser is highly recommended if you need an easy interaction with your audience and if also want to have a worthy impression.

Climate change booths

This is a very smart tech gadget which can show the conditions of weather around the world. It can be very helpful for those events in which people will have to travel to different places later and also for the products that need to be experienced in different weather situations.

The Catch Box

It is a gimmick that can lead to a different but fun interaction between members. It is a microphone wrapped inside a rubber cube, which is used to toss around the event.

Go-pro cameras

This camera can be stick to a member’s head to record the whole event from the person’s view. It can record as a documentation or can be streamed live for than people who couldn’t attend the event.

Telepresence robots

As innovation develops, it’s extremely necessary to have hybrid meetings, for those members who aren’t physically present but can join the event from another place. These robots are movable iPads, which are controlled by computers. These robot gadgets allow the non-physically present participants to stay in touch with the event.

Portable tech gadgets

These tech gadgets are installed in clothes, tables, coffee mugs, and even badges. These are used to monitor participant’s behavior and their views about the events, so next time their preferences and opinions will be taken under consideration. This will make sure that your event attendees keep joining your events in future too.

Microsoft Surface Hub

They are large communicative screens. They can be used for video calling and as the whiteboard to write, it helps in connecting with the colleagues around the globe. It ends the worries of blurry video calls and difficulty of managing notes.


Everything is getting innovated time to time, and if you want your event to go absolutely remarkable then these are the tech gadgets you need for your event, and moreover if you need tablets and other devices on hire for your event then we are the best fit


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