End proteinuria by getting proteinuria ayurvedic treatment!

Posted by VickyKumar74 on April 3rd, 2019

What is Proteinuria?

 The main protein in the blood is known as Albumin. Protein in the body is important to prevent muscle cramps, bone injuries and for glowing skin or hairs. When someone finds a high amount of protein in their urine that means his kidneys are not able to hold the protein in the blood. People with proteinuria may not aware that proteinuria is a sign of kidney disease which may cause you kidney failure. That is why the demand for proteinuria ayurvedic treatment is increasing day by day because there are so many people who are struggling with this problem. In this blog, you may get to know about, how will you know if you have protein in your urine, how is proteinuria diagnosed, what to eat when you have proteinuria, and where to get a legitimate proteinuria ayurvedic treatment?

How will you know if you have protein in your urine?

When the kidneys start facing problems, you may get to see a lot of protein in your urine. Sometime some people will not notice any symptoms of proteinuria so; they should prefer to have a urine test. By the test, you can measure the amount of albumin in your urine, compared to the amount of creatinine in your urine. This is known as the albumin-to-creatinine-ratio (UACR). A UACR of more than 30 mg/g is a sign of kidney disease.

Following are some of the symptoms’ to understand the condition of your kidneys and to get the information about protein in the urine so, that you can take proteinuria ayurvedic treatment.

1.    Your urine will be foamy, frothy or bubbly- looking if it holds a high amount of protein.

2.    You will feel swelling in your hands, feet, abdomen or face when a high amount of protein leaks out through the urine.

3. You may feel weak, tired and pain in your bones because your body loses a lot in the amount of protein.


How is proteinuria diagnosed?

It is essential to curing the underlying ailment that is creating proteinuria. While taking proteinuria ayurvedic treatment, many patients get to know that diabetes and high blood pressure are two of the main causes of kidney problems which cause proteinuria.

  1.     Control High Blood Pressure and Hypertension - When hypertension is present in the proteinuria patient treatment includes controlling blood pressure with the use of natural ayurvedic herbs. The decline in blood pressure is the main source of decreasing the amount of protein in the urine.
  2.     Control High Sugar Level (Diabetes) - When the amount of sugar increase in the human body it may cause them kidney problems which is one of the main reason behind leaking out of protein. Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment is the way through which a person with a protein problem can feel from diabetes and proteinuria.
  3.     Control Protein Intake - When the amount of protein is high in your body, your kidneys start through it out in the form of urine or by urine. It is vital to control your protein intake and consult to a dietician who prescribes your healthy diet chart to control proteinuria.
  4.     Control Your Weight - It is essential for everyone to control their weight because an unhealthy weight can cause many problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, muscle cramps, and kidney disease. Practice yoga, take a walk and try to avoid unhealthy foods.

What to eat when you have proteinuria?

Along with your proteinuria ayurvedic treatment, a healthy diet is also necessary to decrease urinary protein levels. A well-planned diet can control proteinuria. Having a healthy diet can control hypertension, high sugar level, high blood pressure, anxiety, edema, and high cholesterol levels.

  1.     Protein Intake - Do not eat food that's high in protein because it may cause you more kidney problems or even kidney failure. Try picking lean sources of protein to stop this situation from arising. Having a low-protein diet can reduce your body's urinary protein itemization. Do not completely remove protein from your diet. Try to maintain a well-balanced diet to get nutritional advantages that your body needs.
  2.     Control your sodium intake to control signs of proteinurias such as swelling in feet and ankles, fatigue, urine problem, and high blood pressure. Sodium blocks your kidneys from eliminating phosphorus from the blood. High phosphorus levels in the blood can cause you weak and brittle bones. While taking proteinuria ayurvedic treatment, patients need to control dietary sources of phosphorus such as dairy products, nuts, and beans.

Where to get a legitimate proteinuria ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment has many benefits such as no side effects, not expensive, use natural herbs, work on to stop the causes, and heal the disease from its roots.

Karma ayurveda is known as one of the best kidney treatment centers. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the co-founder, of Karma ayurveda, has healed 35000 plus kidney patients and still performing his best to provide treatment to every patient. Karma ayurveda provides with the proteinuria ayurvedic treatment to the patients who are facing and struggling from this problem. Doctor Puneet Dhawan prescribe a healthy diet to stop the causes of the disease, give natural herbs, and the opportunity to keep the social, school or work life you admire.

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