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Posted by amit mishra on April 3rd, 2019

Today I'm here for clearing all your doubts related to digital marketing and also tell you how to find the best digital marketing institute in Delhi or nearby your location. Before searching for the best digital marketing institute, you should be well aware of digital marketing. So let's start...

Digital Marketing

As you know, now everyone spending their time on mobiles and laptops. And that's why every organization wants to promote their products or services online, where the customers are. Have you ever seen ads on your mobile while seeing a video on youtube or social media platforms or many more other channels, these are the ads which are promoting with the help of digital marketing?

So you can say while we promote our products or services online that’s called digital marketing.

The scope of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing industry is booming not only in India but all over the world. The year 2017 took the industry by surprise with over 2 lakh job opportunities in the Digital Marketing field. Well, the following was a bigger surprise when only in the first four months of 2018 marked for more than 8 lakh job opportunities.

The surveys conducted by several forums have predicted this number to grow with Digitalisation in our nation. Our Prime Minister has been actively promoting Digital India. PM Modi’s digital India campaign gained massive popularity. The intention of the Government of India is aimed at providing easy services to its natives.

Now imagine when a nation’s government is promoting digital interaction, what do you think will be the Digital Marketing scope in our country.

why digital marketing is growing rapidly

1. Affordability

Digital marketing is less expensive than other marketing methods. Here prices vary based on what you're doing, but ad spends to be lower than other forms of marketing method.

2. Mobile Access

if we talk about the mobile users of India then there are more than 90% mobile connections, means about one mobile connection per person. and the interesting thing is that more of them are online so the opportunities are endless.

3. Flexibility

Th**ere are many forms and uses of digital marketing, including banner ads, em**ail marketing, content marketing, and social media posts or many more. Thus by learning how to market yourself digitally, you can open up a wide range of possibilities for future publicity strategies. Only with the help of digital marketing, you also have the flexibility of testing and stopping performing campaigns in real time.

4. Expansion

Many customers do almost all of their shopping online. Digital marketing lets you appeal to those people and thus expand the reach of the company. Between Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness campaigns, you can expand your brand awareness and boost your sales.

5. Multimedia

Customers tend to engage more with marketing materials that combine multiple types of content, including photos, video clips, and audio or a clear call to action. It is far easier into digital marketing than any other kind of publicity, and it is essential.

6. Tracking

Only in digital marketing, you can track your ads with the help of the Analytics tool. Where you can get to know about your ads what's working well or what not. But when we talk about traditional marketing, there is nothing to do like this.


Digital Marketing gives you that opportunity to retarget your audience with the help retargeting options, and throw notifications and messages to whom, who already show the interest in your products or services. And hope they become your customers.

8. Influencer Engagement

Many of the most influential figures in today's culture promote themselves online or through social media sites. Digital marketing allows you to engage with these influencers and gain their respect in front of them. If you play your cards right, you can get them to endorse you, leading their followers to become your customers and spread brand awareness across your customers.

Start A Career In Digital Marketing

First, I would like to congrats you for choosing this bright career!

As you know that digital marketing is a practical field. so you have to learn practically. For that, you have to work on live projects.

So I would like to suggest you join a digital marketing course. you have two options to join the digital marketing course. you can join an online course or offline course.

Online Course

there are lots of ways to learn online.

there are many institutes which provided online digital marketing course so you can join these courses.

You can also learn from free online courses like google certifications. where you can learn about SEO, Google Ads, Analytics or much more.

you can read blogs related to digital marketing like Uber suggest by Neil Patel

you can learn Facebook and Instagram marketing from Facebook blueprint certification.

Offline Course

But as my advice, you should join an offline course as I already told you that digital marketing is a practical field.

There are many institutes which provide free seminars or demo classes. you can attend these seminars or demo classes before choosing any institute.

Find The Best Digital Marketing Institute

# Tip.1: Write the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi according to your search results and with the help of others.

# Tip.2: Try to get an inquiry in every institute about their course content or modules. so you can get an overview of the institute.

# Tip.3: after taking the overview of some institutes you can choose some of them for attending the free demo classes or seminars. where you can get to know about the trainers and training quality of the institute.

These are some tips, which can help you to find the best digital marketing institute like me.


After attending dozens of seminars and free demo classes, I got an institute which is providing the best digital marketing course in Delhi. And that’s only an institute which providing the paid internship after completing the course so students can get work experience and learn practically.

IIADM (Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing)

IIADM Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing is one of the leading institutes of Digital Marketing, located in Dwarka, Delhi. And provide the best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Though IIADM has been in the business only for 2 years but has already trained more than 1000 students. there are 4+ courses, designed keeping in mind the past, present, and future of Digital Marketing.

IIADM Provide these four types of Digital Marketing Courses:

Professional course: 28+ modules in the 3 months’ program

Comprehensive Course: 32+ modules in 6 months – 4 months training & 2 months paid internship

Advanced Course: 48+ modules in 9 months – 5 months training & 4 months paid internship

Proficient Course: 60+ modules in 12months – 6 months training & 6 months paid internship

So that students can choose the best course according to their need. And all the courses are efficient to give you a deep dive into digital marketing.

IIADM’s Facilities

IIADM provide lots of following facilities.











Trainers And Training Quality

*There are 60+ well-designed modules according to the demand of digital marketing which covers every corner of digital marketing.

*Here's trainers don’t believe in teaching only what’s mentioned in the course module but they teach from the very basic things. Because they know that in the digital marketing field students come from different streams so they always ready to help their students.

*they always ready to clear their student's doubts before moving on to the expert level. So that their students can learn new things without any hesitation.

*As digital marketing is a practical field and here are trainers know that very well. from the first day, they take a student's domain name so that student can work on your own website. and learn practically.

Benefits Of Learning With IIADM

*IIADM is only an institute which provides 2 weeks of free demo classes so the students can get a better view of the institute before joining the institute.

*IIADM is only an institute which provides paid internship just after completing the course. So that students can know the in and out of digital marketing.


Search Engine Optimization:

In this marketing channel basically, you have to optimize your business site according to the search engines guidelines. so that a website can perform better organically.

Social Media Marketing:

I think everyone would be aware of social media sites. But only thinking about Facebook and Instagram may be a mistake. there are lots more to do. So try to engage with your audience, and build strong brand awareness about your business.

Search Engine Marketing:

if you are new in the market and don’t want to depend only on organic traffic, you have an option to run paid ads for your business and target your potential customers, for an instant result.

Google Ads or PPC:

Google Ads is a new name of Google Adwords.with the help of google ads you can show your ads to your targeted audience on the basis of location, gender, interests, and their behaviors.

There is also available a retargeting option, so you can retarget your customers again and again until they don’t become your customer.

PPC* means pay per click when anyone goes to your website by clicking on your ads, you have to pay Google according to the clicks, that’s called pay per click

Google Analytics:

That’s a tool which analyzes the result of paid ads.with the help of that tool you can know the outcomes of your paid ads.

Google Search Console:

As you know that google search console is the new name of google webmaster. this tool can help you to analyze the organic traffic of your business.

Career Options, You Have After Completing The Course

There are many career options in digital marketing. And the interesting thing is that fun associated with your work. So one can choose any of the following Roles according to their interest.

Digital Marketing Manager: This is one of the highest position in the field of Digital Marketing. Here you can earn between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

Social Media Executive and Brand Manager: social media is one of the coolest jobs in the Digital Marketing field. But don't think about only Facebook and Instagram, there is much more. As a social media executive/manager you have to manage the social media campaigns of your company. And you can build brand awareness for your company and can earn between 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs

PPC Or SEM Expert: If you want running Ads and like playing with Google Ranks then it's the right place for you.

here you can manage Ads Campaign and run paid Ads for your company and can earn between 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

SEO Executive or Expert: In this job role one has to optimize their site according to the Search Engine guidelines. So that a website can get more organic traffic.

Here you can get between 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

Content Marketer: This is the perfect job for, who love writing. If you can write better, write Content for your company as a Content Marketer and earn up to 15 lakhs.

Freelancer: If you don't like jobs, you can do freelancing and can work from your home. there is a number of websites which is giving the opportunity to earn as a freelancer.

For Startup: If you are a startup then Digital Marketing is much important for you. There are a number of startups who did well with the help of digital marketing. like: Olx, Quikr, Oyo, Trivago and many more. So add on digital marketing skill and give a new direction to your startup.

For Business: If you are a business owner, you can go online and take your business next level. With the help of digital marketing, you can create a website for your business and can increase your business reach.

So join the best digital marketing institute in Delhi

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