The Advertising Feather flag: The Versatile Advertising Medium

Posted by Flag China on April 3rd, 2019

Do you want to draw attention to your event or company? At flag-china your Advertising feather flags is printed with durable, weather-resistant materials, so it stays in perfect condition no matter the weather. The guarantee of the best prices in china. Order your feather flags now! Our flags are printed on the front that is 95% translucent, so your visual will be visible on the back too!

Advertising flags, flying flags, wind flags, etc. are effective and economical advertising and signage devices. The personalized feather flag is ideal for all types of business: it reflects a dynamic and modern image.

With its sleek, slender shape, the drop-shaped advertising flag lets your visual creations be visible from afar, indoors and outdoors. The main asset of the Advertising feather flags is its versatility. Indeed, you can use it for advertising purposes at the point of sale, signage or for event communication both indoors and outdoors.

To adapt the advertising flag to the environment in which it will be used, we offer several heights from 1.9 m to 5 m. It's up to you to make your choice according to the constraints of the place where the flag and your budget will be installed that’s why we are providing you the Advertising feather flags cheap. Another advantage of this communication medium is that it is compact: its foot occupies a small floor area. In addition, it installs easily in a short time and its transport is relatively easy.

Designed for outdoor use, the feather flag is robust: the materials that compose it are light and strong (aluminum, fiberglass, polyester mesh 110 g treated fireproof).

To ensure its stability, you have a wide choice of feet in agreement with different types of soil.


To meet your visual communication needs, we offer a range of feather oriflammes that adapt to both the terrain and your budget.

  •          A feather flag range that adapts to your needs
  •          The flag cheap
  •          The advertising flag 2 meters high
  •          The 3m high version of the feather flag
  •          The big 4-meter advertising flag
  •          The wind flag XXL of 5 meters
  •          We offer several solutions for your advertising flags
  •          You have the possibility to order your choice

Complete kit: mast + foot + sail + carrying bag

Printing the sail in simplex mode or in duplex mode

Optimal stability in all circumstances

The advertising flag are usually installed outdoors. Wherever you want to install your flags (soil, grass, smooth soil), we have the base adapted to your needs. Not to mention, in case of strong wind, practical accessories to increase the weighting of your base.

The advertising flag a versatile solution

Custom flags are the most popular advertising media for the outdoors. Events, showrooms, storefronts, pedestrian zones, festivals, and trade fairs a well-placed sailing flag guarantees you optimal visibility with your customers. And this for several obvious reasons: a dynamic profile, an eloquent design and a featherweight facilitating transport. It is the ideal advertising vector in terms of modernity, impact and logistics.

An oriflamme adapted to all situations

Due to the diversity of models, shapes and sizes, Custom flags are an ultra versatile solution. Great classics of commercial communication, they can be used for all types of events. Our flying banners are distinguished by their small footprint as well as their quality of finishing and printing.

The impression that tames the elements

Whichever format you choose, all our advertising veils are printed using a special sublimation process for textiles. This printing technique offers a lively and brilliant rendering and an optimal resistance of the colors to the bad weather. Just as if your flags are tarnished by dirt, be aware that they are strong enough to be machine washed at 30 ° C.

Result: your advertising is ready to brave all the elements.

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