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5 Effective Techniques to Understand Human Psychology

Posted by Perzue Health on April 3rd, 2019

Psychology is something which everyone applies to get their work done. It’s happened with a cautious or incautious mind. whether we plan to do big or small our nervous system activate automatically, and our psychology starts playing his part action have a major influence on our psychology.

Study of cognition, emotion and behaviour is known as Psychology. A psychologist is performing the various activity and giving enormous time to understand how an individual behaves in a certain situation or how psychology get changed in the different-different situation. How and why we respond with certain action or emotion is a part of the research for a psychologist. Psychologist work on individual or for corporate to understand their behaviour properly. Which help individual or corporate to become more productive, effective and efficient. It helps them to understand their client or customer in a better way and provide the best-suited solutions. Clinical psychologist mostly works with individual, couple, families or with small - small groups to help them to get out from depressed, feel less anxious and emerge as more productive or motivated and help them to sort out their issues which are hampering their life.

There are five effective techniques to understand human psychology.

1. Self-Assessment

One need to see within himself. How he acts in a particular situation. One need to see within and should feel and explain about his experience. One should introspect to understand better, but it has limitation cannot be applied to Children, Animal or on Mentally week person. In this method, you also need to take the advice from an expert before going for any kind of treatment.

2. Inspection Method

This method will be useful where you cannot conduct self-assessment, or you can’t perform an experiment. This method can be used on children, Animal or mentally week person. For Example, Mother can give better insight into his child through regular inspection or observation about his liking, disliking, allergy or habit. Through this method, natural behaviour is being observed which help psychologist to take a decision. Although the limitation of this method is that it may be time-consuming, inspection or observation can be based out of biased or influence with the preconception.

3. Testing Method

This is the most descriptive and objective way to study psychology. This method is always conducted under controlled environment or laboratories where things can be studied with all precaution and can be controlled in any worst situation. There are two factors which are important in this method are independent and dependent. There are few more factor which may affect the outcome of the test. For Example, if someone will be kept under the cold situation and when the adverse effect of cold will be visible then it can be controlled under this environment. The method starts from problem identification to the formulation of hypothesis analysis of result and end with the interpretation of the result. Limitation of this method is that its time consuming, required huge money and controlled environment.

4. Case history-based Method

This method is commonly used under a clinical environment like in a hospital or in any care unit. In this method first try to understand the history of a patient and fetch all previous detail including past history, any allergy, Past treatment, hereditary, sign and symptom. This information helps to understand the problem and line of treatment.

5, Research Method

This method is used by collecting a random selection of the sample, questionnaire, checklist etc. It helps to understand the social-political opinion, customer experience.

So the job of a psychologist is not easy and finding the right psychologist is also difficult for hospitals. A platform like is helping the hospital to find the right psychologist.

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