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Posted by Roy Pherae on April 3rd, 2019

E-Marketing is an internet marketing strategy that advertises and promotes all the business activities via the world wide web(www). It is one of the best approaches to improve the brand value of business via different e-marketing platforms such as email or video marketing. E-Marketing provides modest platforms with high security that help to connect businesses to the customers.

Here, we are going to talk about the e marketing approach in the business with its features and functional roles.

4 Major Characteristics of Effective E-Marketing Strategy

Some of the valuable features and characteristics that E-Marketing possesses make these campaigns successful. Moreover, it has those functions that create uniqueness in this marketing strategy.


Addressability in E-Marketing helps to represent the ultimate expression of the brand value in the market. This feature helps to track the website visitors along with their interests that make it easier to accumulate the business data.


Interactivity is one of the important components of a successful business. An effective E-Marketing provides an interactive platform that helps to communicate the brand representatives to their customers. The interactive session in online marketing easily derives the value of the firm or the company website.

Storage Capacity

E-Marketing provides a storage platform that contains the database of the warehouse products as well as the customers’ details. So, the business representatives can easily identify their existing customers and can understand who are genuine among them.


E-Marketing utilizes business topics and represents them in an innovate way. So, the customers don’t need to invest too much time to search for in-depth information on that specific topic. Thus, the business agent can easily attract customers.

5 Types of E-Marketing Scheme

There are a lot of E-Marketing strategies you can include in your business and make it successful within a short period of time. However, we are going to discuss the five main marketing scheme with their facilities.

Article/Content Marketing

Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which the articles are written by the companies and distributed over the internet. The purpose of content marketing is to attract a wider audience by publishing short and comprehensive articles. However, this old strategy helps to cultivate a loyal audience that enhances the business profit easily. Bank, newsletter, customer forums, educational articles, etc are used by this intelligent E-Marketing process.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online sales tactic that triggers sales by allowing potential customers to target others. This indirect E-Marketing strategy involves recommending the product via referral codes and earn commission through it. Thus a company can earn a huge profit without creating their own products.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing helps to expand the business simply via the online business platform. It makes the products and the services provided by the company trustworthy through social activity around a given video. Thus, the brand can reach out to the people easily by offering new products and promoting new services through this video marketing approach.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the highly effective digital marketing strategies that attract customers without investing too much time. It sends emails based on the service prospectus and improves customer potentiality. Besides this, you can notify the customers about your newly launched business from time to time that helps to realize the brand value.


Blogging is an essential thing in business that plays as a successful E-Marketing channel. It enhances online brand visibility and brand awareness. Moreover, it supports business growth as it appears on the yellow pages of the online websites. So, people get attracted by going through that business blog and it increases the business conversion rate.

Roles of Emarketing in Online Business

  1. E-Marketing reduces the ultimate cost by arranging effective marketing campaign at a reasonable rate.

  2. It has the capability to generate a fast result of the business campaigns without compromising on accuracy.

  3. Moreover, this marketing approach can generate a much better return on investment, even involving a low cost.

  4. In addition, EMarketing uses the content and video marketing process that involves viral marketing over the internet.

  5. This outstanding business program has a web tracking capability that makes online marketing highly effective.

The Bottom Line

In the above article, we have discussed the E-Marketing strategy with its major features. Moreover, we have defined the extraordinary functionalities that make it unique in the online business field. Besides this, the power of this function strategy is also analyzed here. So, we hope this content will be helpful to enhance your business value and increase profit.

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