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Posted by kunal on April 3rd, 2019

The snake game is one of the most recognizable video game classics. First developed in the 1970s, variations of this simple theme have appeared on game consoles, PC applications and mobile phones. Today, you can find numerous online versions to play right in your browser. While the game looks deceptively simple, it is also highly addictive mobile snake and requires strategy in addition to fast reflexes.

While details may vary by specific implementation, the basics of the snake game remain the same. The player controls a snake which starts off small and grows as it eats "food." The idea is to eat as much as possible, making the snake grow longer. As the snake grows longer, it becomes harder to navigate without running into your own tail. Once all the food on a level has been cleared, the snake will revert to its original size for the next level. The challenge is to avoid running into the tail end of your snake, and in some versions, walls and other obstacles as well.

Although this is usually a single player game, two player variations add even further challenges. The basic concepts and strategies required, however, remain the same. The main rule is that a player must avoid running into anything other than the food, but that is easier said than done.

Here are a few tips:

1) Make quick, sharp turns.

2) When you need to backtrack, try to run parallel to your snake's body.

3) If your tail is blocking your food, try running back and forth across the screen until your tail is out of the way.

4) If you really need to wait for your tail to shorten, try making rapid zig-zag motions.

5) Above all, try to cover the least amount of space possible. The longer and more complex your path, the harder it will be to navigate around your tail.

The classic snake game comes in many modern variations, including the Tron "light cycles" game, a computer virus themed version, and even one in which your "snake" is actually a bulldozer! Some of these versions include different obstacles, enemies, bonuses and power-ups to enhance gameplay and make for new challenges.

Of course, if you are a fan of snakes, then you can find snake games that have nothing to do with the "classic" version. Do you want to go snake hunting, or send your snake on a rabbit-munching rampage? There are plenty of options out there, in case you want something different or just need a break from the old standby.

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