The advantages of Kova paint

Posted by quynhchi10 on April 4th, 2019

Paint quality

By advanced production technology and according to a most modern closed process today, Kova paint brand has brought the products with good adhesion, against the invasion of mold and bacteria. Very high bacteria.

- Ability to adapt to all the harshest climatic conditions, even tropical climates like Vietnam.

- The component of paint does not contain harmful chemicals such as V.O.C, mercury, lead ..., does not have a bad smell. Therefore, paint does not affect the health of users and the surrounding environment.

- Paint has good dust resistance so you can wash away stains very easily.

Paint palette

Referring to Kova paint, we cannot help but mention a very rich and vivid paint palette for your home with over 1000 colors. With the most advanced color mixing technology available today, Kova paint brand will surely satisfy you with different requirements and preferences with vivid and modern colors.

Diverse types

Son Kova with all kinds of paints such as interior and exterior paint, primer, waterproof paint, etc. Therefore, Son Kova can meet all requirements as well as the purpose of painting your home.

Good price

Paint Kova is the domestic paint line, compared to the high-end paint brands in the market, Kova is a brand that is evaluated as a very preferential price.

You can choose to buy Kova paint products that are cheaper than other brands of the same brand in the market.

With the motto to bring consumers the best choices in terms of quality, color and price, Kova brand has brought to consumers the very preferential products and prices, from popular to high. level so you can choose products that suit your economic conditions.

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