3 Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring a Child

Posted by ryanwebtech953 on April 4th, 2019

When you go for child sponsorship, you should feel comfortable with the organization you’ll be working with. Not just that, but you should feel confident that the organization operates with integrity.

Here are a few questions that you should ask a child sponsorship organization.
How Do You Define “Beneficiary?”

A person who receives money or benefits of any sort is known as a beneficiary. For example, if you are passing on money to your spouse through an insurance company, then the insurance company will call your spouse the beneficiary as s/he will receive the benefits from the policy.
Similarly, in charity, the people who receive the benefits of charity items are called beneficiaries. So, before sponsoring a child ask the organization how they define the term or who is considered as a beneficiary because not every sponsorship organization defines it in the same way. Some define it as a person who is spotted in the community at least once in every 90 days by the charity workers.

What Benefits Your Sponsored Child Will Receive?

Every sponsorship organization provides more of something for some children than for others in their care. One child might need to meet with a psychologist while another may need surgery. Yet another who has learning disability needs a specialist. But every child is guaranteed certain benefits under the sponsorship program, depending upon their needs.

Will The Community Be Involved, Or Will They Deliver Handouts For Children?

It is an essential question as some charities are trying to build a sustainable solution while others are simply trying to meet the immediate needs.

Some organizations believe that the bigger goal is to help the community to help itself; this includes all the children of that community. These organizations work with the community to identify their needs and find solutions towards which the community itself contributes. While there are organizations, which aims at providing direct handouts for a child as soon as possible, this is done to meet their immediate needs, but it is not necessary that they’ll engage the community in finding the solutions of their problems.

These questions will help you to make the decision about which organization to work with for child sponsorship.

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