Cognos Advanced Business Insight interface

Posted by gautham on April 4th, 2019

Cognos Advanced Business Insight interface

Cognos Advanced Business Insight interface is a web-based tool introduced by IBM. This tool can use for advanced business clients and professional report managers and analysts to create and analyze reports. This Business Insight allows users to create reports using relational or dimensional styles. By using reporting style users make use of their data and avoid relational concept. Otherwise, reports can display unpredictable results. Cognos tool allows customers to work with both relational or dimensional data sources, as well as external data, and this tool allows them to show their data insights in a list,  and charts, cross tabs, etc. Cognos tool also helps users to take advantage of the interactive exploration and analysis features while they are building reports. The interactive and analysis features allow customers to assemble and personalize the views generate unique outlook easily. This tool makes a minimum investment in Cognos tm1 training.   

Cognos Advanced Business Insight interface is not a replacement for IBM Cognos Query Studio. Suppose if you have created business reports in these studios, you must be able to recreate a new version of the reports in Cognos Advanced Business Insight. We can discuss some of the key areas in Cognos advanced Business Insight interface. This will give a bacic idea of key features. you can learn in detail in  cognos training

Page Layers

The page layers are used to create various sections and page breaks in reports. I suppose when you create a dimension member in this area, one block of the current section of the hierarchy is created in your report

Context filters

Context filter area use to filter various reports for separate contexts of information. When you create a member in the hierarchy in the context filter, one block with context selection is created in your custom report.

 For example, This report can be used to analyze the gross profit metric by region. You can also add the order method web to context filter.  Context filter configuration can be default applicable to a single object. If Suppose if you need to apply for two or more objects. You must select each of the objects and add dimension member

Toolbox tab

 The Toolbox tab shows objects that allow users to display all data, They are charts, crosstabs, lists, etc. Customers can also create text items, blocks, hyperlinks, images, and labels.

 Page navigation

This page navigation is enabled whenever if the reports are more than one page. This page navigation allows us to scroll up and down and go to the end of the report

 Work area

This work area contains all the objects are dropped on the report.  Users can use all the lists, layout components, charts components, etc. If the page view menu is enabled this work area shows the live data and so customers can interact with it in more conveniently.  For instance, page design is enabled it will not show the live data.

Conclusion: With these key features you can be able to get a brief introduction of key areas and their information. You can learn and implement in Cognos online training

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