All you need to know about Tradestars

Posted by sara lee on April 4th, 2019

All you need to know about Tradestars

TradeStars: View History

Want to review your trading history?

TradeStars provides a full display of results from your first game. Simply visit the main menu on the top of your dashboard and click the "History" icon.

Select the dates on the calendar you're looking for and then click "filter."

Once your games appear, you can review your results and even share them on social media!

Entry Fees and TradeStars Payouts

In this tutorial, you learn how to enter new games based on your available bankroll.

Elements to consider to play a new game:

  • Each game has an "entry fee" to play. 

  • Each game has a unique duration shown in a color-coded box to the right of the game name. A box that shows "1hr, 1hr" equals a one-hour game.

  • Each game has prizes and payouts based on entry fees. Generally speaking, the higher payouts are inside the higher entry fee games.

Once you have selected the game you wish to play, be sure you have the bankroll required to enter the game.

View and Edit Your TradeStars Profile

Updating or editing any part of your profile begins by clicking the "My Profile" icon in the upper right corner of the main navigation menu.

Information you can edit:

  • Your TradeStars avatar (profile picture)

  • Your email.

  • Your password.

  • Your phone number.

  • Your name.

  • Your address.

Once your new information is complete, simply click "Save Changes."


TradeStars: Global Leaderboard

Real traders love to compete. To see where you stand against the competition, this tutorial shows you how to find your historical ranking.

On the TradeStars dashboard, you can find your current rank for today, all the way up to your entire playing history.

Available history for your ranking includes today, weekly, monthly, and lifetime!

As you choose different time periods, you will also notice your winnings update on the left side of your dashboard.

Winning shown are for that specific period of time. If you had a good month...make sure to share it on social media!


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