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Posted by Vera Mcintosh on April 4th, 2019

Working with videos in classroom and music is not a new idea. Teachers have been mounted on wheels for decades to demonstrate classroom content, documentary combinations, bill n, science cows and many others.

Jones Hopkins School of Education has a nice overview of teaching with music. The following three (multiple) functions can recognize music that can "play music". This is clearly the purpose of college students, but learning information, active experience and '. All K-20 or + candidates apply.

Learn the information

Music can be used to remember learning experiences and information. Creates a soundtrack for music learning process in an active learning experience. Soundtrack juice increases and enables mental, physical or emotional information. Music from here can also create a very focused education mode, where terminology and reading materials are taken very quickly. When information is preserved for rhythm and poetry, these musical elements provide an early point of remembering. There are three ways we can use music to help you learn the information:

Active learning experience

Music will activate students physically and emotionally and create learning material that will enhance the understanding of learning content. For example, while reading a brief summary of important information, play music in sync with your subject in the background. More interesting and dramatic, it is easy to remember that information. In the social science category, I briefly read Joseph's most important quotes and short visits to his tribes in Canada, playing indigenous music in the background.

Focus and Alpha State Learning

In order to achieve deep concentration in music and to concentrate on the condition where a large amount of material information is processed and known, stabilizes the mental and emotional rhythm of the physical body. Baroque music is designed by Bach Handel or Tellman, which creates an atmosphere of beats per 50 to 80 minutes, because of which there is a concentration of alpha brainwave leads to concentration of deep students in the state. Learning vocabulary, remembering facts or reading this music is very effective. On the other hand, Mozart's music can focus on daytime sleep time and students are cautious when they read or work on the project.

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