Posted by thomasshaw9688 on April 5th, 2019

Removal of weld seams on stainless steel, steel and aluminum

1. Pre-sand with coarse grinding grits (60-100 grits) according to the thickness with the welding seam.

2. As soon as the welding seam has almost been sanded to the degree of the surface, change to a finer grit (120-180 grits). Work via the sequence of ever finer grits till the requested finish is accomplished. Usually do not skip grit levels. Get additional information about learn more

3. Use SCM belts to attain a decorative finish:
Use a 100/120 or maybe a 180/240 granulation SCM belt to attain a dull finish. Machine needs to be set to "3" around the RPM pre-set dial.
Use a 400 granulation SCM belt to attain a brilliant finish. Machine must be set to "6" on the RPM pre-set dial.

NOTE: Don't skip grit levels as this will likely leave an unfavorable finish.

Removal of scratches from stainless steel and non-ferrous metal

1. The deeper the scratch, the coarser the grit would be to be used.

2. Begin sanding with the coarsest grit. Machine must be set to "2" on the RPM pre-set dial. Move the sander over the whole region from the scratch.
When the scratch is practically invisible, start out operating with ever finer grits till requested finish has been accomplished.

Attaining a polished mirror finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metal

1. Commence having a coarse grit. Operate the surface until you might have a "universal scratch pattern".

2. Step through the various grit levels (grit 400, grit 600, grit 1,500) until you've got completed with the finest grit.
NOTE: Only proceed to the next grit level when a universal scratch pattern has been achieved.

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