Tips for renting a boat: what you need to know for a perfect vacation at sea?

Posted by John Smith on April 5th, 2019

Tips for renting a Motor yacht charter, what you need to know for a perfect vacation. The budget, the destination and/or navigation area, the people who will go on board, if there are children or not, the experience in the navigation of those who form the group. Another common question is whether we rent Greece yacht charter with a boss or without a boss. We give you some tips to make your vacation at sea perfect.

Holiday destination:

There are thousands of destinations that allow us to rent a Mykonos yacht charter to discover the country in an original and fun way. Everything depends on the dates you want to navigate, depending on the season, one destination or another is better.

Type of boat:

The choice of the Nautical charts Greece boat is important so you can fully enjoy your vacation. Once you have chosen the destination you have to choose the type of boat you will sail with, depending on the offer of the area. If you have never sailed and you opt for a sailboat, this may be the best time to learn.

Also note that the larger the length (length of the boat), the less maneuverability. If you are looking for Sailing yacht charter Greece then you can take it from

Motor yacht charter:

Motor boat charter is usually a more expensive option. The fuel cost must be added to the rental amount, depending on the engine of the boat and the miles traveled in the crossing.


It is the most popular Sailing yacht charter to rent, allow us to sail with family or friends (up to 12 people) and enjoy authentic sailing. The rent of a sailboat is cheaper than that of a motorboat since we save a lot of fuel.


They usually have the same length as the sailboats, but with more sleeves (wider) and with less draft. Not having so much depth allows you to get closer to the beach. The catamarans, by not scoring, provide greater stability, comfort and safety in navigation.


This type of boats is one of the best known in the area of ​​Turkey. They are wooden sailing boats. They are usually larger than a sailboat and can carry up to 30 people. They are comfortable with high ceilings, spacious corridors, cabins with private bathrooms are comfortable, have a spacious interior room, with kitchen and bar, and lots of outdoor space in rest areas. To move they use the power of the sails and the engine. Rent motor yacht has all the modern navigation systems for a safe and comfortable cruise.

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