Filths must be removed before offering the Salah (Prayer)

Posted by alixa on April 5th, 2019

Since the Salah purifies the soul of man, so it is necessary that particulars of Salah must be sanctified before offering the Salah. Man soul cannot be purified unless Salah is accepted by Allah (SWT). Allah’s Apostle once said to companions, “Will the filths will remain on the body of the man by bathing in the stream five times a day? They answered in negative affirmation. Hence, the Messenger of Allah (SWT) told that the same is the case of five times offering the Salah. Allah (SWT) eradicates all the sins of a man when he arranges the Salah five times a day. There is a big opportunity for UK Muslims by Umrah packages total cost 2020 to perform Umrah.

However, there are some impurities which must be removed before performing the Salah.

• Human urine is harmful to man if the particles remain in the private organ. So, if it is found on the body or clothes, so it must be removed before starting Wudu.
• Human Excrement
• Wadi: A thick white secretion which might be discharged after urination.
• Mathi: A white sticky prostatic fluid (other than sperm or semen)
• Blood
• Menstrual blood.
• Excretion and urine of animals.
• Dog saliva
• Remaining of water which is drunk by carnivores.

Some people also think that with the water of Zamzam could not be used to clean above-mentioned impurities. So, it is permissible to use the water of Zamzam to clean such kinds of impurities and in this regard Top 10 UK Hajj Umrah Agents are ready to give the complete guidelines to the pilgrims.

How to purify the clothes before offering the Salah

Allah (SWT) has granted the water to man to make the body and soul purify. Let’s see what maximum and minimum things must be pure by the water.

• In the case of urine, it must be washed until it vanishes. However, three times are sufficient.
• In the case of menstrual blood, it is possible that the difficult stains could remain. So, it must be washed until they change into indication.
• The urine of infant must be washed with water until it removed, however for mother there is relaxation.
• Male Sperm could be scratched if that is possible, however, for satisfactory, it must be washed with water.

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