Different Types of Mens Shirts: A Quick Look

Posted by Patrick Parker on April 5th, 2019

The basic design of men’s t-shirt remains unchanged all through the years. But, the changes are peripheral at large. Given here is a quick overlook of various types of men’s t-shirt available in the market.

Formal Men’s Wear:

Men’s shirt can be formal as well as casual. Formal t-shirts as the name indicates are meant for the formal occasions only. They are worn for the purposes like going for the office, attending official functions or visiting other places where dignity matters more. Formal shirts usually have subtle light or dark colors. Design of these shirts is not extravagant and they are normally of one color only. For a checked formal shirt, lines are created with other matching color.

Casual Shirts:

These shirts are meant for fun and play so they have vibrant colors and extravagant designs. Bright colors of these shirts attract the onlookers. There are no set rules for designing these types of casuals and they can be thoroughly creative, weird, funny and more. Men’s streetwear is a type of casual shirt also. These types of wear denote carefree hilarity.

Sports related shirts like tennis, cricket or baseball t-shirts fall in this category.The other types are camp shirt, bush shirt etc. If you want to classify Mens shirts into two broad categories then they are casual or formal. There are third categories of Men’s shirts as well they are T-shirts or tee-shirts. T-shirt can be safely put under casual shirt only.

World of T-shirts:

Traditionally, t-shirts are collar less and button less shirts. But, these days t-shirts with buttons and collars are also available. T-shirts have a huge market and designers have presented many innovations to it like putting of collars and buttons. Ringer t-shirts are a good example of collared T-shirt. This casual wear is high in demand and the most sold-out item in the category of men’s shirt. They are highly informal and you can put them on easily. Sports club and jerseys are good examples.

If you want to buy something that is more modern and edgy in terms of mens dresses that you can have a look at mens urban clothing. Urban clothing for men is available in the muted colors and traditional styles. They are sophisticated and are available in a number of color choices that are not traditional primarily. They are available in two primary fabrics wool urban suits which are a great wear and their fabric appear to be nice and warm. The other choice is poplin that is available in brightly colored urban suits and has versatile fabric. This fabric is lighter in weight and takes dyes well. You will find a number

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