Yahoo Plus Rituals ? all you need to know

Posted by Team Maria on April 6th, 2019

A lot of people have been scammed through Yahoo Plus rituals and it is still happening. To reduce the chances of being scammed, here is what you should know about the fraud.

It started as Yahoo Yahoo
The whole thing started as Yahoo in Nigeria. This is the process of deceiving people in developed countries into parting with their hard earned money. The biggest challenge with this is that it could take any format. It could come from dating and it could also come from a business proposal. 

A good type of business proposal used
The fraudster usually uses dating sites to reach out to their prospects. They will tell their prospects that they are refugees but their late father left a huge bank account in Scotland, England, or the United States. They will even give you the name of the bank, the account name and the account number. Needless to remind you that, all the details are fictitious. 

They will give you the email address of someone who is purported to be a staff of the bank but who is actually a member of their syndicate. When you send an email to the staff, he will confirm that the bank customer (the purported fraudster’s dad) has 5, 7, 10, or even 20 million dollars in his account. 

Now, the fraudster will tell you that he can’t claim his father’s money because he is a refugee and he needs someone in another country to help him claim it and will share the money equally with whoever helps. By now, you will be thinking of getting half of 20 million dollars that does not exist. 

This is where the real scam begins. He may tell you that he needs to prepare an attorney’s note and other documents that you need to help him claim the money. This is the point where the milking begins. He may tell you that it will cost him about ,000 to get the documents. Remember, you are already focused on getting some millions of dollars. So, how much is ,000 compared to the largesse that awaits you?

You will gladly send the money. After that, he will continue to cook up different reasons to ask for money linking it to the process of claiming his father’s money. And you know what? He won’t stop demanding until it dawns on you that it is one big scam. During this process, he will be referring to you as his “maga”. That is the Nigerian term for a scam victim or someone very gullible.

Using dating to scam people
Another format is to hook up with you on an international dating site and pretend to be into you. They are smart. They won’t ask for money immediately. They will be chatting with you regularly for months before they start asking for money indirectly. Think of this. You have been chatting with this great guy for over 3 months and you have gotten so used to chatting with him. 

Then one day, he stopped getting in touch for about 3 days and when he finally resurfaces, he tells you that he has been down with fever and has been offline for days. He will tell you that he needs some money to buy some of his drugs. You are already in love and you will be too glad to send your boo some money for his drugs. You know what? He is not sick and you have become his maga.

The third method is to discuss a very attractive proposal to you and will usually require an advance fee. The truth is, the ways Yahoo boys scam their magas are unlimited. You just have to be careful. 

How it snowballed into Yahoo Plus

Due to how people are being sensitized all over the world about internet scams, people have become wiser and they stopped falling victim easily. So, Yahoo guys now had to resort the use of voodoo and charms. Using voodoo for scamming people is what is termed as Yahoo Plus. The voodoo aspect is the plus. Yahoo Plus rituals are the processes of preparing the voodoo.

The voodoo is meant to make their victims swallow whatever they say hook, line, and sinker. If the voodoo works on their victim, he or she will send the amount they ask for. They usually get the voodoo from their shamans. There are several types of voodoos. They may lick some before they give you a voice call. Immediately you hear their voice, the voodoo will start working on you. They may prepare some with your name and surname and you will give them whatever they ask for without thinking. For some, they may have to chant certain incantations on their phone or laptop before chatting with you.

Conclusively, you have to be very careful. Date people in the same city. Be careful when making friends. The truth is that you can’t be too careful because Yahoo boys keep changing their scamming techniques. Just listen to your instinct.

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