Do you need to go from prepaid to postpaid?

Posted by Rich Blogger on April 6th, 2019

Trying to decide if your prepaid connection is best, or if you need to shift to postpaid? We help you decide.

In recent years, mobile service providers have upped the quality of their prepaid connection packs and overall offerings to a great extent. The lines between prepaid and postpaid have blurred quite a lot already. Service providers offer a high amount of data and the same speed as postpaid connections to prepaid users as well.

But there are still some fundamental differences between prepaid and postpaid connections. For one thing, you have to keep tabs on your remaining balance on the prepaid connection. Apart from this annoyance, you normally do not enjoy unlimited Internet on prepaid. Also, you have to keep recharging the connection, or it gets suspended till you pay.

None of these issues exist with a postpaid connection. As a postpaid user –

* You can get unlimited Internet on the best plans.

* You can get data rollover of unused data from the previous month. This makes the plan an even more cost-effective one, since you pay the same monthly rental for more data.

* More value-added benefits as compared to prepaid plans.

* If you consume all the data you have in a month, then your speed might dip till the next billing cycle begins. However, your connection is not suspended, nor are any of your services curtailed. You can still use the postpaid SIM at reduced speeds.

* You pay for what you use on the connection. You can get a bill breakup that explains the schedule of charges, from rental to SMSs sent.

If you have decided to move from prepaid to postpaid, you can do so in two ways:

#1 Port from your current service provider to a new one. If you are unhappy with your prepaid connection and your current service provider, you can port to another provider for a postpaid connection. In this case, you can port from prepaid to postpaid by initiating porting proceedings with your current provider, and applying for a postpaid connection with the new provider. You might face a downtime of a few hours on the day that the earlier connection is disconnected, and the new one is activated. If you have any balance or value-added services left on the prepaid card, then you will lose them once the connection is terminated.

#2 Initiate the switch with the same service provider.It is fairly simple to go from prepaid to postpaid with the same mobile provider. Request for the upgrade and follow their directions – you only have to apply for the postpaid connection online, and let the provider do the rest. Switching is really easy in this case, and you don’t even face any downtime when the upgrade is being made. Your postpaid connection should be activated in about 48 hours, and any balance and other subscribed services will be carried over and adjusted in the first postpaid bill you receive.

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