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Posted by basshopper on April 6th, 2019

Cricket has originated from England. Has a long history if compared to football Cricket has its origins before football is widely popular in modern times. And from finding information, also found that cricket has been written in writing since 300 years ago in the 16th century. Cricket spread from England to various countries. Both in Europe and other continents And when England took possession of colonies on various continents The Englishman brought cricket to play. Has been played in India and Asia until it is widely known and popular Even later countries Will gain independence from England But still popular in cricket At present, there are various countries.

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Although cricket has the remaining skill in the field But the normal explosion is long and takes time to hit the ball for a long time The best cricketers have side capabilities. For example, you shouldn't have the best bowl if you breathe heavily after just a few balls. And you are likely to cause basic errors in hitting the ball if you are suffocating after previous work But if you want to play cricket better, there is a way to get fit.

Cardio Fitness

Whether it's bicycling, bowling, or courts, cricketers need to have good cardiovascular performance. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises relate to your body, how to use oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Aerobic exercise may help prevent muscle injury and fatigue. Useful aerobic exercise for crickets, including running, cycling and swimming. Another trick is to practice running with pads and top cricket gear. You may be able to run your feet for 100 feet, but running a full sheet is another matter.

Developing a circuit training program is a great way to improve cricket. Exercise should focus on the combination of explosive power and strength. You don't need any special equipment for these exercises. For example, the Experts recommends including pull-up, burpees, back raise, push-ups, abdominal curls and running as part of the overall exercise program for athletes. Cricketers Focus on combining 8 exercises in your session. Perform each exercise by repeated as many as 60 seconds.

Explosive energy and flexibility

The flexible golfer can make the most tangible catch. Flexibility also allows the batsmen to move their bodies into position quickly for a shot and even prevent the bowlers from picking up too much injuries. Pilates and yoga are two useful ways to get cricket according to "Cricket for Dummies" short powerful exercises, such as indoor group cycling sets, can increase your overall durability and strength. Try using different speed running exercises to help you become familiar. With the initial characteristics of cricket.

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