Now he is rich MLB 19 Stubs and he's

Posted by MaplestoryMCN on April 7th, 2019

Now he is rich MLB 19 Stubs and he's supposed to all of the sudden play better? He's paid you dummies, he is not gonna be better. You all gotta accept what Bryce Harper is. He is a guy that will strike between.245 and.270, Strike about 35 HR and drive 90 Runs, while having a great On base percentage. The man had 100 RBI only ONCE his whole career. He has had OKAY numbers, but nothing to justify over 30 million a year, not even over 25 million annually. So proceed Phillies fans, take. Tell me how Harper is the best player ever that he's in your team lol. Make me laugh like the Padres fans did last week.

The Phillies could have him! The contract will probably look great for the first 5 decades or so but if he gets on the wrong side of 30, they'll regret it. 13 years, no opt out and complete no trade clause? The Phillies are gonna repent giving him contract when he reaches 30! He's not that good! He strikes out too much and not that great of a hitter! Recall Mo Vaughn? Manny machado ain't that great either. Padres can get him too! Selfish participant. I never liked him when he had been in LA!?

Because it is now publicly published, I guess we're no longer bound by the NDA not to discuss the numerous lineups. In the alpha, having the capacity to store multiple lineups was extremely beneficial. I'm very excited to have the ability to have different"mill squad" and"ranked seasons" lineups. Probably one of the greatest reasons I played with so few games in RS was that the chore of having to reset the lineups. Definitely happy about this addition to MLB The Show 19!?

Didn't get trolled, because I never believed there MLB 19 the show stubs would be a Harper statement. No matter who Harper signs with, NO MLB team would let SDS/SonyPS violate their press release signing. I would think a clearance like this would require Sony, the team, Harper, MLB and possibly the union all signing off for it to occur, being it involves

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