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Posted by Dallas SEO on April 7th, 2019

There are two key factors that make a great SEO strategy for a business.

The culture of the business and the service the business provides.

I know that's crazy right? How could these two things be so important for SEO is they have nothing to do with my website and digital platforms? 

Well, that's where you are wrong! SEO starts completely outside the web space. See, Google is trying to focus almost entirely on brands. They are tired of seeing so many people manipulate their search engine results pages (SERPs). The other search engines like Yahoo, and Bing are also pushing into ranking only big brands that provide value for people searching on their platforms. The less value and time people spend using their search engines the more money they lose. So search engines NEED to provide the best value for their searchers. 

Just because you have a website that has a decent structure and some slapped on content will not be enough to get your website ranking.

You might be thinking. Why are all my competitors ranking? Why are they growing, and doing so well with their client acquisition and I'm not? 

It all comes down with creating the best service and brand image online. Make sure you've set up all of your social media profiles and try to make content, post two to three times a week. 

Once you have a decent following (it doesn't take long to achieve a decent following) go ahead and build your website. Do not use any of these fast website builders! Doing so is like signing away you hard earned domain name and burning all SEO. Most template web builders that promise a quick and easy website own most of the content you post on there. Not only that they make it difficult to add more content, and they charge a lot of money!

I suggest you start off with using Wordpress. They have the most tools and resources, plugins and template that you can use to build a scalable website. You might need a small amount of help, but nothing you can't learn on Youtube

After working with some of the best SEO agencies in Texas such as the top Dallas SEO Agency. I have helped hundreds of small business owners using local seo solutions that have help increase their traffic over 1000% and client acquisition 150% on average in their first year. These data metrics are incredible. What that means is that local seo can help you business increase in customers, and build an online audience while using the proper strategy while focusing on building a strong service. 

Remember, the first step in creating a successful SEO campaign. You need the good reviews, and customer interactions online with social media, directories and Google in order to boost your ranking.

It's not all about ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) like Google. You need to focus on your conversions and click thru rates. 

How do you do this?

Building a clever placed landing page funnel, and optimizing all of your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Before you even think about creating the content for you website you need to have a keyword targeting strategy. 

How can you do good keyword research?

First use a free tool like Keywords Everywhere or a paid tool like Ahrefs.

I suggest you start with a free tool like Keywords Everywhere. It is a Google extension, and what it will do is show you an estimate keyword volume and Google Adwords PPC value whenever you search a keyword on your Google search bar.

This is honestly one of the best tools you can use when deciding which long tail keyword to target. It is extremely difficult to try to rank for more generic, high search volume keywords. Let's use this as a quick example, maybe you want to rank for "roofing company". That might be very hard to rank in your city or town. You want to niche town, this will help you target the audience that matters accurately. 

Now, let's try "residential roofing company in Dallas", now Dallas is a big city, but it will be so much easier to rank for still.

Use the tool I mentioned, download onto Google, then look into the hundred of relatable keywords that can be used as titles and content for your website. This is going to be the map into structuring your website to be search engine optimized.

Now that you have done your keyword research you can begin your content creation, title tag meta tag and meta description optimization. You want to keep it short, simple and again targeting the most important keywords. The top ranked pages have on average of 2,000 words. 

In order to reach the most effectiveness, create the most basic of pages first. You want everything you do online to be seen as organic. Google does not like artificial, all your content has to be created organically. Start with the Home, About, Services, Blog (Very Important), and the Contact pages

You want to create blog consistently. Why? It is important to build a blog for your business? I cannot emphasize it enough to write relevant articles concerning every aspect about your business and service. If you are a plumber write about all the tools and resources you provide as a plumber! Are you a restuarant owner? Write about all the best meals and cooking materials you use to make your restuarant special!

Now, that you have a pretty good idea on what kind of content to create surrounding the keywords you created. You know that you need to optimize your titles and meta descriptions so people searching for your website know what they are getting when they click your page. 

Be sure you start your social sharing strategy. Have your social media platforms linked with your website. Along with a social media sharing plug in or widget so you can instantly share your pages. 

The final step that I will be explaining in this quick guide on growing your business using local SEO.

Connect with the audience that matter.

How can you do that most effectively?

Start be registering your business with Google My Business. Add you address, your contact information, and all of the services your business has to answer. Don't forget to use the exact same keywords you used for your content creation. Connect your website URL with your Google My Business (GMB) as well. 

While you connect your GMB create a backlink strategy. Connect your website with as many online directories as you can. This way you generate more exposure. Also, don't forget about the big directories such as Yelp.

If you follow this quick quide on SEO for your business it will create the building blocks for an effective strategy. SEO doesn't have to be hard. SEO's and webmasters like to make it so much more difficult than it is. It doesn't have to be!

Hope you got some value from this article and can implement these easy strategies for your business!

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