Deconstructing NBA Live Mobile: Why EA can't replicate Madden Mobile's success

Posted by smrtsmith on April 8th, 2019

Vinayak Sathyamoorthy can be a Senior Product Manager at Zynga. This article was originally published on Deconstructor of Fun.
If you love the overall game of basketball, now is usually a very exciting time for being an NBA fan.
The game has evolved considerably within the last few years; ask fans and retired players, and they'll tell you which the pace is faster, players tend to be evenly sized and interchangeable among positions, which ends up in Madden Mobile Coins more ball movement and strategic gameplay.
The aggressive use on the 3-point shot has got a new dynamic in which a 20-point lead can certainly dissolve with a few strikes past the arc. No team embodies this fresh type of basketball more vividly versus the Golden State Warriors, a team that this NBA 's all too thrilled to promote in marketing its brand.
During its peak time (playoffs), Madden Mobile is able being a Top 10 game on iOS, whereas NBA Live Mobile isn't (US Top Grossing Figures)
At some time of this writing, EA’s NBA Live Mobile is closing on its one-year anniversary and is usually a top 100 grossing app, nonetheless it isn’t a frequent top 20 title.
We are inside the heat from the NBA playoffs, prime time to the NBA to showcase its best talent, which weekend NBA Live Mobile only is able to reach #39 for the iPhone top grossing charts (in contrast, EA’s Madden Mobile topped at #2 through the NFL playoffs).
This is unquestionably below the sight lines of EA’s expectations; it spends years developing titles, iterating and polishing to groom its next most important franchise.
To compare console offerings - NBA 2K17 has sold 3.six million copies while Madden NFL has sold four million copies (US sales figures from, PS4 and XBox One).
When the NBA technique is so strong, and also the brand have their own best marketing while using playoffs arrived, NBA Live Mobile isn’t making the strides it ought to be - but why?

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