Erectile Dysfunction and Vitamins: How Nutrition Boost Sexual Power

Posted by edwardjohnson on April 8th, 2019

No one wants the erectile dysfunction to be the long life sentence, as this is a common problem that is found in men only but if ignored can be horrible then other diseases. In every health issue, it is first advised to take a healthy diet and so as in this sexual problem. When a man experiences the erectile dysfunction he can’t have the satisfying erection and which in results in the various other problems related to physical or mental.

Many of the drugs are there to treat this problem like Cialis and Viagra. Cialis is one of the best-known drugs that is not affected by food and can be taken at any time with the starting dose of 10 mg and can be dropped to 5 mg. Cialis coupons are also there for the patients who are on these drugs to have a satisfying erection and good sex life.

The healthy diet works on the whole body to treat any kind of health issues. Eating the right food helps you having the right vitamin and nutrients to treat various diseases. But in case of a busy schedule, when one can’t have the proper nutritious food can pick the vitamins supplements to boost the health. These supplements help in boosting sexual power and also work well in libido.

Let’s have a look at some vitamins working in the same direction:

Vitamin A- Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, mango, turnips, spinach, lettuce, papaya and many more are there which contains the vitamin A. vitamin A is the responsible for reproduction and is fat soluble. So add the vitamin A rich food in your diet.

Vitamin B- When we talk about providing energy, regulation of hormones, regulating cholesterols and relieving stress and anxiety then this vitamin works well. Not only is this the vitamin that is known for all essential functioning of the body. It is water soluble and one can have this from grains, vegetables, fruits, seafoods, meat seeds, and nuts.

Vitamin B1- This is the essential vitamin helping in converting food into fuel. It helps in maintaining the nervous system and is considered an anti-stress vitamin. Rice bran, whole grains, wheat germ, kelp, dulse flake which is a sea vegetable, peanuts, brown rice, and peas are some of the food has this vitamin in abundant.

Vitamin B2- For the proper metabolism of the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins vitamin B2 is considered the best vitamin, its role is to maintain an energy supply to the body. It also promotes the muscles, nerves, heart, eye, production of red blood cells. This you can find in fish, vegetables, dairy products, grain products, and eggs.

Having these vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet can help you in having a good health and fighting against sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. So having healthy food not only boosts energy but also works as the fighter for various health issues. There are other vitamins also that should not be ignored at any cost like vitamin C and vitamin E.

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