The Kinds of Al-Riba

Posted by Ady on April 8th, 2019

In fact, Al-Riba is an Islamic word which means the exchanging between two things at a different level. Certainly, Al-Riba in Islam is prohibited and is considered a major sin. In Islamic tradition, it is matched as the sin of Zina. Actually, the interest in the form of usury makes it haraam as the consequences are very harmful to society and both for people who are committed in such sin. However, there is just a clue to deal with the Al-Riba in Islam but free of interest.

That’s why traders take the support of Al-Riba and apply the usury in this affair. Indeed, they indirectly involve against Sharia and consider their interest Hilal (Allowance) even for Hajj or Umrah. But you should go for Hajj or Umrah by legal amount through Hajj Umrah Travel Agents in London UK and get the reward. But, Allah (SWT) Who is the Exalted, knows whatever they have secreted in their brains. They think that they are deceiving Allah (SWT) but truly, they are being deceived by themselves.

"The people who devour usury cannot position (on the Day of Judgement) but who is being beaten by Satan into senselessness. They say, 'Trading is [just] like profit.' But Allah (SWT) gives the permission of trading but not interest. Thus who is warned from his Lord and discontinues may have what is past, so his rewards are with Allah (SWT). But who return (to usury), they will put into the Fire in which they will abide therein. Allah destroys as well as does not put Barakah (profits) in usury and increases for charities. Certainly, God does not like disbeliever. Verily! Those will have their reward with their Lord, who trust and do moral actions and stand for prayer and pay the Zakat. And there will be no fear and grieve for them. O you who believe! fear Allah and give up usury. And if you are strict on your decision, then be ready for war against Allah (SWT) and His Messenger. But, if you regret regarding your wrong deeds, and make the strong promise (Taubah) in order to withdraw for that, so you will be rewarded with huge reward by your Lord.[Quran 2:275-279]

Therefore, we should avoid taking interest in any form, otherwise, your whole profits will be considered illegal. Also, we are strictly prohibited to perform the Hajj or Umrah with the amount of taken interest.

Basically, there are two kinds of Al-Riba known as Riba Al-Fadhl and Riba An-Nasee’ah which are dealt on the base of commodities of grains like wheat, rice, etc. and the price of true jewelries.

Riba Al-Fadhl

This is the type in which more in exchange of one commodity is taken in the case of barter of two similar commodities. If Niyyah is not getting usury then you can deal it even can perform Hajj or Umrah as you wish 7 days Umrah packages 2020 or others.

Riba Al-Nasee’ah

This is the type in which the larger return of one thing is taken after a certain period of time in the case of two identical things which are bartered.

However, you must avoid usury otherwise your whole profits will be haraam if acquired from the dealing on the base of interest. Moreover, you are not allowed to pay the zakat or charity with an illegal amount. Even you are strictly prohibited to perform the Hajj or Umrah with the amount of usury.

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