5 healthy chicken recipes

Posted by greensael on April 8th, 2019

The worst thing that can happen to us when it comes to eating and cooking is to fall into boredom. No need to be a great chef to prepare varied, balanced and rich dishes. Everything is a matter of putting yourself, so today we propose 5 healthy chicken recipes, which usually, to not break our heads a lot, we end up cooking it on the grill or boiling it. Surely in this way you get out of the routine. Remember that chicken is one of the most desirable meats.

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1. Spicy chicken breast

Those who bet to cook the grilled chicken breast should try adding several species to get another flavor on the plate. The most logical thing is to use a chili pepper, although you can also try it with cayenne pepper or spicy paprika. It is a good option to use species, since they can be a perfect substitute for salt, so they will be healthier for your health. Spicy acts as an accelerator of metabolism by increasing body temperature. Be careful not to miss the dose of spice.

2. Chicken salad with sweet and sour orange

Before cooking it, the meat must be prepared beforehand. What we will do is marinate the chicken so that it will catch flavor. For about thirty minutes we will let it sit in orange juice, vinegar, soy sauce, honey, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, and salt. It will be a different way of eating chicken.

3. Chicken breast with peanut sauce

To the classic chicken breast of a lifetime, we will add a special sauce such as peanut butter. You can buy it at the supermarket or make it homemade by chopping the peanuts and pouring a little oil and a pinch of salt. The recipe usually has coconut milk, but if you find it difficult to find it you can replace it with evaporated milk.

 4. Chicken and zucchini wok

One of the best ways to prepare food is in the wok. On this occasion, we present a proposal to take advantage of the chicken breast that you have left over. You can split it into strips or dice to throw them in a wok with very little oil (it will only be necessary to spread the base with a little). We will add zucchini in tacos, and when mixed, the flavors will be combined. The kitchen with the wok is ideal to preserve the flavors of food, in addition to providing a varied and healthy diet.

 5. Chicken skewers with Greek yogurt

We will give a radical change to the recipe of grilled chicken breast and this time we will prepare chicken skewers with Greek yogurt, to which we will add some spicy species that we have at home. So that it acquires enough flavor and aroma we will let it marinate for about an hour and then cook it. We put them in some skewers and in this way, we will eat them.

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