Pet Preform Manufacturers To Innovate Products

Posted by nicolepreform on April 8th, 2019

PET bottle, Chinese name: polyester, refined from petroleum, removes harmful substances until it reaches the food-grade standard of use, the bottle is as transparent as a glass bottle, and can also be colored, can be made completely opaque The color can also be made transparent with color, the pet bottle will not be broken, even if it falls from a very high place, it will not break like a glass or a jar. If the contents are heavy, it will fall from the sky. Under the bottle, the bottle will only be cracked due to gravity, and will not be broken. It will not cause great damage during the moving process. Even if it is squeezed, it will only deform and will not be broken like glass. And the slag will fall into the product, causing the whole product to be discarded, and the pet bottle will not be in such a situation, which is very convenient for transportation and storage of items in various households, shopping malls and the like. As pet products are more and more popular in the market, Pet Preform Manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving products according to market demand.

Pet cans have not been around for a long time, but they have developed very rapidly, and metal cans and glass bottles have been replaced in many cases, mainly because of its many advantages: light weight. The density of the material used to make the pet can is small, and the pet can is smaller than the metal can and the glass bottle in terms of the same volume of the container. The cost is lower. Food pet cans have lower material costs and are easier to manufacture, so the overall price is cheaper. Reliable protection of products. The can body is made of a variety of materials and has good chemical stability and barrier properties; the bottom, the cover and the can body are combined with a reliable sealing structure, so that the contents can be reliably protected. Good mechanical strength. Although the mechanical performance of pet cans is slightly lower than that of metal cans and glass bottles, it is sufficient for packaging general products, and there is little problem of strength damage. The shelf effect is good. The surface of the pet can is easy to print and easy to decorate, which is good for attracting customers and promoting sales.

How is the pet bottle produced? There are two kinds of Pet Preform Mould production processes: one is the extrusion blowing process, the pet material is added to the extruder, and the molten parison is heated and melted, and then put into the pet. The preform mold is inflated, and is taken out from the mold after cooling and setting, and the finished product is obtained after the waste side is removed. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene and polyvinyl pet bottles, such as milk bottles and soy sauce bottles. The two are injection-blowing processes, in which the pet raw material is injection-molded into a tubular parison by an injection molding machine, and then placed in a bottle mold by stretch-blowing molding, and cooled to obtain a finished product. This process is mainly used to produce pet bottles, such as mineral water bottles. 

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