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Posted by alltitanparts on April 9th, 2019

What is the thing we all hate about spray painting? Yes, that is right, the over spraying! The under spraying can be managed somehow but the over spraying is very irritating. It kills the final finish.

Spray Painting is stressful, we do not want to give you some more to worry about. Because cleaning the mess is extremely irritating, specially when the final finish is not that smooth and even like you wanted it to be.

If you currently have a machine which makes you do all that, we think it is time to change your machine. And we know which one you should pick. A machine which is known for its best controls.

We know that it is the machine which causes troubles, but your friends do not know that. They probably doubt your painting skills after those few overly-painted disasters. But we believe you, it is just a matter of changing the sprayer.

To get all the controls in your hands, get yourself a shiny new Control MAXTM 1900 Cart. It will take all your worries away.

Still not sure? Well, that is why we are here. Let us give you a detailed review of how Control MAXTM 1900 Cart will change your painting game.


Titan introduced Control MAXTM 1900 Cart to take all your worries away. It will provide you with a variety of attributes to get that perfect finish:

  • Control MAXTM 1900 Cart offers a more consistent finished look with complete control over paint quantity: less, more, balanced, it is all in your hands.
  • The endurance is matchless. The life of Control MAXTM 1900 Cart three times longer life in comparison to other airless sprayers.
  • Control MAXTM 1900 Cart allows the fluid section replacement so that you don’t have to replace the machine entirely if the fluid section wears out.
  • Control MAXTM 1900 Cart is highly efficient in spraying unthinned coatings, giving out more than we signed up for.
  • Control MAXTM 1900 Cart  makes air spraying fun and easy, more like a child’s play, ending all your nightmares before starting a project.


Pump type: The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart has a piston pump.

Power source: The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart requires 230 V ~ 50 Hz / 240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption: The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart consumes 600 W.

Fusing:  The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart needs a connection with sockets protected with an FI fuse.

Protection Class: The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart belongs to the protection class of ‘I’.

Spray Pressure: The maximum spray pressure Control MAXTM 1900 Cart offers is 11 MPa (110).

Delivery Rate: The maximum delivery rate Control MAXTM 1900 Cart provides is 1.5 l/min.

Sound Pressure: The sound pressure level of Control MAXTM 1900 Cart is 83 dB (A) with an uncertainty K = 3 dB (measured in accordance with EN 50580:2014)

Sound Pressure Output: The sound pressure output of Control MAXTM 1900 Cart is 97 dB (A) with an uncertainty K = 3dB (measured in accordance with EN 50580:2014).

Oscillation Level: The oscillation level is less than 2.5 m/s2 with an uncertainty of K= 1.5 m/s2(measured in accordance with EN 50580:2014).

*The quantified oscillation level has been measured according to a standard test procedure. It can be used to compare against electric tools. The oscillation level is also used for determining an initial assessment of the vibrational strain*

Maximum Temperature: The maximum temperature coating substance hits is 40oC.

Hose Length: The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart has a 15 m hose.

Maximum Hose Length: The maximum hose length Control MAXTM 1900 Cart offers is 30 m.

Dimensions: The approximate dimensions of the product are 78(93.5) x 38.5 x 52 cm.

Weight: The approximate weight Control MAXTM 1900 Cart bears is 13.0 kg.


The Control MAXTM 1900 Cart has

  • Hose holder
  • Inlet valve pusher
  • Telescopic handle
  • Integrated toolbox for nozzles and small parts
  • Pressure regulator with integrated ON/OFF switch
  • Hose connection
  • Selector switch
  • Holder for the paint container
  • Pressure gauge
  • Suction Hose
  • Return Hose
  • Inlet Filter
  • Operating instructions
  • High-pressure Hose
  • Gun extension (30 cm)
  • Spray Gun
  • Nozzle 515*
  • Nozzle 311*
  • Nozzle 619 *
  • Nozzle holder
  • HEA Filter Set
  • Gun filter: red (1 piece), white (1 piece*)

*       Nozzle 515 is used for thick fluids such as interior wall paints.

*       Nozzle 313 is used for thin liquids as lacquers.

*       Nozzle 619 is used for thick materials like interior wall paints for coating larger surfaces.

*       Gun filter white is pre-installed in the filter housing.

Assembly of Control MAXTM 1900 Cart

  1. Place both doors / flaps in the storage compartment.
  2. Insert the handle and secure it by pushing downwards.
  3. Remove the protective covers on the hose and hose connection.
  4. Place the spray gun against the tapered end of the hose and twist the gun onto the hose. Firmly tighten the thread using a wrench.
  5. Screw the pressure gauge to the hose connection.
  6. Screw the high-pressure hose onto the pressure gauge.  Using a wrench, hold the hose connection firmly and tighten the hose with another wrench.
  7. Slide the suction hose onto the inlet valve. Secure with the clamp.
  8. Press the return hose onto the return hose fitting. Secure with the clamp.

List of spare parts for Control MAXTM 1900 Cart

The spare parts for the machine include:

  1. Spray gun assembly (incl. nozzle holder)
  2. Nozzle holder
  3. Sealing set
  4. High-pressure hose (15 m)
  5. Pressure gauge
  6. Door (1 piece)
  7. Telescopic handle
  8. Suction hose and Return line
  9. Clip (suction hose)
  10. Clip (return line)
  11. Return line
  12. Clip (1 piece)
  13. Filter housing
  14. Filter Outlet valve
  15. Repair kit for the inlet valve
  16. Inlet valve housing

Titan is one of the best companies in the market. There are hardly any sprayers to compete with what Titan has introduced.

Control MAXTM 1900 Cart is one of the best of Titans family.  Get this amazing titan sprayer gun from alltitanparts.com today.

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