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Posted by Safari Digital on April 9th, 2019

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If you're an SEO professional who is serious about their craft, chances are you are constantly looking for new strategies on the web that you can use to improve the way that you help your clients, the way that you rent your own website, and generally improve your own SEO knowledge. In this article, we want to talk about one SEO technique that you can easily do to improve the quality of leads that you are attractive your website, the volume of traffic, and your general search engine presence. The aim of this article isn't to create a long-form piece of content that ranks on the number one page of Google, instead, we want to create a simple thing that you can do today to improve your search engine optimisation.

Today's trick involves updating existing content, republishing old blog posts, and making use of existing content to improve your search engine presence.

Did you know that websites that publish content regularly are 80% more likely to attract new leads to their website?

It makes sense when you think about it if you are regularly publishing your content not only are you creating more content for new readers, you're also servicing your existing Readers. In addition to this, whenever you publish new content Google will scan your website and reindex that content. The problem is creating new content regularly is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO.

Ask any SEO Hobart professional who is serious about their craft and they will tell you that creating content on a regular basis is the biggest challenge facing SEO Professionals and content marketers.

So, here's something that you can do without the need to create a new contact. By reusing and republishing existing content you can actually get a significant search engine ranking boost. We're not suggesting that you copy existing content and create a new piece with the same words images or videos, instead, we want to encourage you to make the use of your existing content by upgrading it with new pieces of information, expanding listicles, and creating content that is more relevant.

So, there you have it, one simple SEO trick that you can do today to improve your search engine presence. You don't need to go back and rewrite or upgrade all of your articles, we are suggesting that you upgrade them systematically so that Google is constantly searching your site for new content and reindexing existing content, and so that you are also putting out new content on a regular basis that keeps existing readers engaged as well as attracting new ones.

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