Shipping and transportation of furniture

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Shipping and transportation of furniture


The use of simple and uncomplicated roads in the dismantling of furniture and starting from the bedroom and the dismantling of each piece separately, with the dismantling of the kitchen or the use of our company to provide you with the required labor in the transport of furniture in Dammam or any of the eastern region and all the cities of the Kingdom or use the company to move the Oasis and clothes outside Saudi Arabia On the way of dedicated and closed cars and technicians installation of furniture and the best trained labor, most of the furniture is transferred by technicians and freight workers. The type of employment required must be terminated and the city to which the transfer is to be determined is the total transport distance. You can reduce the cost of shipping furniture by choosing cargo, but it also means that you will have to assemble, dismantle, pack and unload the shipment yourself.

Move the dough to the news


Disassemble the furniture and how to do it properly
Store nails, nails, nails, and similar parts in a single cabinet attached to the furniture.
If your furniture contains drawers, remove it. You can pack them if you clean and remove the contents. Alternatively, you can also keep all things inside your stairs in one place by moving the stairs

With its contents into a polythene bag. Do not forget to seal and mark the bag after confirming the clean date of the carrier.
If your furniture has legs, remove it. Cover each leg separately in a newspaper and store them in a bag or cardboard box.
If you want to prevent scratches on your trunk, use the furniture cushions generously.
If your furniture has accessories such as upholstery and pillows, close it in a bag or box separately.
You can use bubble wrap or cardboard to secure the edges of your furniture and prevent scratches during transportation. Another way is to use adhesive tape to protect corners.

How are you preparing to move your furniture for shipping?


After finishing the carrier, you need to pack furniture for transport. The first step is to remove the parts and remove the accessories that do not ship. If you would like to have a hands-free experience, contact us and we will help you with how to move your furniture, in order to move your furniture professionally and safely.
All drivers must pass a background check and check the vehicle. All credit card payments are processed securely.
We are known for world-class transport services and to make a difference in the lives of our customers as they move forward is something we never take. The good news is that our value does not end once the big step is over. We can also transport furniture within your home or business.

Re-arranging the house and installing furniture


If you are not sure how to move the heavy furniture up or down, or if you need to rearrange the furniture manually inside the room, we can help. Our trained professionals are trained to request technicians to be used to provide furniture transportation services, furniture packing or carpentry, and are happy to assist you in any way possible. If you own a business and need furniture that has been rearranged or moved outside the building, we can also help.

Transport heavy items in dedicated and spacious cars


If you have a particularly large item that needs transportation, such as a piano, a gun safe, or a large piece of furniture, our engine can help you get it wherever you want to go to your home. We specialize in climbing the stairs up and down and working around these difficult angles, ensuring the safety of your belongings and your home during the transition.
Track your delivery on scheduled dates
You can track delivery status and receive notifications when your driver arrives and when your goods are delivered.
You can feel safe knowing that our goods insurance policy covers all the items we offer our customers.
Our furniture transportation and rearranging services are guaranteed to help you move your home or office quickly. Large or small, we will work with you to make sure that every last piece of furniture is exactly where you want it. We will also carry out the post-transfer cleaning process, so you will never have to lift your finger.

Transportation services inside and outside Dammam


We assist in the company of furniture transfer services to transfer your home in the countries of the Arab countries, whether transfer to Jordan, transfer to Kuwait, transfer of clothes to the UAE Transfer furniture from the company will arrive in the world at the best prices from the company to transport furniture?
We are proud to offer our help for mobile workers and hourly work together with local transport and clearance services, donating donations and delivering for quick and efficient home or office move.
Whether you need us for one hour or at the end of the week, our team is dedicated to providing our customers with customer service that you will not find anywhere else.

Al - Afash Transport Companies in Dammam


At Al Waha, you will find furniture moving services in Dammam and cars that care about movables and help all customers to carry out furniture simpler and easier, helping in all areas of movement of your office, regardless of the industry in which your business is located. We will deal with all heavy office equipment that needs to be moved and use the most sophisticated tools to ensure your furniture is moved safely and efficiently .. We will take full care of the labor that comes with moving and rearranging your heavier furniture, so you will never break the sweat.
When you employ us in rearrangement services, we will assist in loading, unloading, packing and placing each piece of furniture exactly where you want.
With the transfer of office furniture and re-arrangement services, you will not worry about anything. We will make sure to just do it after that, so do not worry about cleaning up the mess.

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