10 Tips to become a stronger Java Developer in 2019

Posted by tib on April 9th, 2019

1. Learn DevOps tools

For a modern Java developer, data of DevOps is important. He should be a minimum of familiar with continuous integration and continuous deployment and the way Jenkins helps to attain that.

It becomes even more important for senior Java developer who often is responsible for setting coding best practices and making environments, build scripts and guidelines.

2. Learn Java better

This is the most important factor for a Java developer right now. Java is consistently updated and currently with each cover version in 6 months, it is a big challenge to stay you up-to-date.

Almost all Java development job currently needed Java 8 skills and if you don't have them, Core Java Training in Marathahalli might be very tough to do well and perform well in your Java interviews.

3. Learn Spring Framework (Spring Boot)

It's nearly imperative present for a Java developer to learn spring framework as most of the businesses prefer to do development using Spring frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud for REST apis Micro services, developing a web application.

It also promotes best practices like dependency injection and makes your application additional testable that could be a key demand for modern software system.

4. Learn Unit Testing

If there's one common factor that separates a good Java developer from an average Java developer then it’s the unit testing ability.

A good and professional Java developer nearly always write unit tests for his code and if he's extremely a Rockstar developer you'll see that from his code and tests.

Testing has also come back an extended way currently with many tools for unit testing, integration testing and automation testing available to Java developers.

You can spend a good quantity of 2019 to hone your testing skill in Java however those who are new Java world and unit testing, JUnit is that the best library to start with.

If you're searching for a decent overview of JUnit and unit testing in Java then JUnit and Mockito Crash Courses an ideal to start with. it is not the foremost up-to-date because it does not cover JUnit 5 but still pretty helpful for beginners.

5. Learn apis and Libraries

If you have worked with nice Java developers you may have noticed their overall data of Java system and apis forms a major a part of it.

Java is the world's most popular and mature programming language and there are plenty of libraries and apis available for doing nearly everything possible.

Of course, you're not expected to know all of them however you should be familiar with some key apis e.g. JSON process apis like Jackson and Gson, XML process apis like JAXB and Xerces, Unit testing libraries like Mockito and JUnit etc.

6. Learn JVM Internals

If you're serious about turning into a Rockstar Java Developer then you want to pay the time to learn JVM internals e.g. what are completely different parts of JVM, how they work, JIT, JVM choices, Garbage collections, and collectors etc.

If you know JVM well you can write each robust and high-performance Java application and that's what Rockstar Java developers do.

As a part of this, you should also learn Core Java Training in Marathahalli with Placement how to profile your Java application, the way to find performance bottlenecks e.g. that objects are taking most of your memories and eating CPUs.

7 Learn design Patterns

If you are writing a Java application from scratch then most of the time you're writing object-oriented code and design patterns are tried and tested resolution of common issues.

By knowing and incorporating them into your code you create your application additional flexible and easier to vary in future.

It also improves overall code quality and documentation as a result of different Java developers also are familiar with design patterns and they can perceive your solution rather quickly.

8. Learn Kotlin

It's a nice language from JetBrains, the corporate behind IntelliJ plan and also official language for android development as announced by Google in 2017.

It will not only improve your productivity but also assist you to go into android development area. If you're trying to learn Kotlin in 2019 and searching for some sensible resource then here could be a list of Kotlin courses to start out with.

9. Learn Microservices

Architecture is dynamical constantly and many firms are moving from monolithic application to microservices.

It's time for Java developers to be told Microservice design and the way to make Microservices in Java to require advantage of this recent wave.

Fortunately, spring framework provides Spring Cloud and Spring Boot that greatly modify microservice development in Java.

If you're searching for course then Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud could be a sensible one to start out with.

10. Learn Your IDE better

One of the foremost important traits of better Java developers is that they're superb on their tools. They not only apprehend additional tools than an average developer but also they apprehend their tools well.

Since ides like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ plan are a most vital tool for a Java technologist, it is sensible to spend a while to be told higher.

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