Breathable Puppies as Companions for Patients Suffering From Alzheimer and Demen

Posted by memorablepets on April 10th, 2019

Pets in our lives help reduce anxiety and stress and make our lives happy with their sensitivity and support. A sense of positivity prevails with the pets in our homes. Patients suffering from Alzheimer and dementia cannot, however, take complete responsibility of the real pets but Memorable Pets have come up with Robotic Dog companion pet that is life-like and have a furry and fluffy coat that makes them look like the original. These pats act like a great companion and even take care of the patients. A great amount of difference has been noticed in the patients when they were kept close to these life-like companions.

Benefits of Breathable Robotic Pets:

Breathable Puppy Companion Pet, kitten and dog are a great addition to the people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer as they require very little maintenance and help the dementia patients feel calm and stress-free. Listed here are few benefits:

They help reduce stress and anxiety in the patients as they provide pet therapy
These pets are interactive and help bridge the gap between caregivers and patients
Patients feel more positive with them as relaxation and motivation is added
They can help their owner socialize with other people around them

How Can Robot Pets Help Change The Life Of These Patients?

Patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer feel lonely even when they are surrounded by other people, family or friends. Their pain and suffering is a lot and many times they feel agitated and disturbed. Robotic pets can help reduce loneliness in them as they will not expect them to understand their problems. These robots are programmed to act as per the patient’s behavior and actions so they respond like living pets. They move their limbs, heads and make sounds so that the patient feels like he/she is living with a real pet.

Breathable kitten companion pet, robotic dog and puppy are a great addition to the life of elderly or sick people as they can help them stay peaceful and tension free and will change their life with positivity and soothing care. These pets provide the same love and companionship like real pets and they are small and cuddly so that the owners can hold them and hug them easily. These pets bark and meow and move like real dogs and while cuddling, owners can feel them breathe too.

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