What Types of Solar Power Systems Can I Install for my Home?

Posted by dennishahn on April 10th, 2019

Electricity is one of the most important innovations ever done in the history of humankind. Without electricity, we can not imagine our life. If there is no electricity the entire world would come to a standstill and the amazing innovations and inventions will stop. But the nature has provided us with only “x” amount of natural resources which are now coming to an end. This is why it is important to look for alternate sources of energy to keep the progress of humankind going. Solar energy is one of the fast-becoming popular form of renewable energy. People are realising its immense benefits and are now eager to install solar power systems in Albury, Wodonga.

There are various solar installers in Albury and Wodonga, who offer a wide range of options to the customers. Following are some of the various types of solar power systems that you can install for your home: -

  1. Grid tied residential solar power system with batteries

This solar power system is a trustworthy option as it has battery support and is connected to the grid. It can use its own power during power cuts but on the flip side, it is a bit expensive option to start with and can not make enough power to be self-sustainable

  1. Grid tied residential solar power system with batteries

These systems are most popular for solar power in Albury Wodonga. It has very few components involved and as such is easy to install. The installation cost is also low and also offers the benefit of net metering. But on the flip side this can only be sued for power backup and in case the grid power fails, this system would also fail.

  1. Off-grid residential solar power systems

This system is suitable for rural or off-road locations where there is no working electricity connection. This system ensures completely independent electricity supply and can run the entire home’s appliances without any worries about power outages. But the cost factor and complexity to install make this option less attractive.

There are various options available when it comes to solar power systems in Albury, Wodonga. So, you need to consider your requirements and budget before making any final decision.

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