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What Are The Signs You Expect To Witness During Your Early Pregnancy?

Posted by motherhoodhospital on April 10th, 2019

Do you suspect that you have attained pregnancy? Most women experience early signs of pregnancy during the first or second week after conception. The aspect of missing your regular ‘period’ may not necessarily indicate your pregnancy unless you are examined by the best gynaecologist in Bangalore who conducts some simple tests to confirm your pregnancy. Read on to find some of the signs of pregnancy you may experience.

Morning sickness: This is considered to be a common symptom witnessed during the early time of pregnancy. Generally, this sign is experienced after the first few weeks of conception. This occurs mainly due to the hormonal changes in your body.

Missed period: As a general thumb rule, this sign indicates your pregnancy. However, this sign does not guarantee your pregnancy unless your doctor examines you. You need to undergo a positive pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. The presence of hormone HCG in your urine and blood confirm the conception.

Breast changes: Due to the hormonal changes within your body, your breasts can show some signs of changes like swelling, soreness, fullness and so on. Such a sign would easy out your pain in the breasts, and hence you need not be anxious about such changes. A good gynaecologist in Bangalore will educate such changes to their patients.

Fatigue: This sign is ranked high during the time of early pregnancy. This is mainly due to the changing levels of progesterone which induces sleep as well as lowers your blood pressure as well as sugar levels. Since there is an increase in blood production during pregnancy time, that causes a drain in your energy levels. Such changes make to you feel fatigued especially in the day time.

Constipation: This is one of the common symptoms observed during the time of early pregnancy. The presence of hormone-like progesterone creates some impact in slowing down your food movement, result with the sign of constipation. To avoid such issues, you need to consume more water and do exercise. Eating more rich-fibre food is recommended by doctors.

Mood swing: This symptom is generally noticed during the first trimester of pregnancy. This happens due to the rise and fall of hormone levels which in turn preparing your body to get fit to protect your baby. Hence, you need to remember this fact and cope up with the environment to have a smooth transition period. For some women, the fear of childbirth can cause such mood swings.

That is all about the signs of your early pregnancy. More importantly, you need to visit your gyne as soon as you feel some of these mentioned symptoms in order to ascertain your pregnancy. You should not guess your early pregnancy by yourself as you need to have some tests which will be conducted by your doctor at his or her clinic.

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