Lord ganesha God of great luck

Posted by Murali S on April 10th, 2019

Lord Ganesha is a God of great luck and auspiciousness. He's worshipped for lots of wisdom, riches, health, fertility and happiness. He is called Vighneshwara because he dispels issues and eliminates obstacles. He's a deity who removes all of the evil qualities, instils great qualities and confers serenity on the devotees who meditate . He's the master of the wisdom as well as the discriminating power in man.

Ganesha is invoked before beginning any action as he's When Goddess Parvati demanded Shiva to give her son the most crucial place, Lord Shiva blessed Ganesha by stating,"You will be worshipped first in almost any rites and rituals. Other Gods will probably be worshipped only following your worship". Therefore, Lord Ganesha is worshipped to indicate the start of all auspicious occasions.

Murti and Idols Online available for hindus worship Ganesha in home by offering prayers and conducting rituals into his statue. If they purchase statues of Ganesha, they are certain the back is curved to the left rather than to the right.

The back of Ganesha is generally twisted or curved. The shape of the curved trunk represents OM or the primordial sound. Ganesha utilizes his Trunk to ruin the barriers and turn them into opportunities for expansion.

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