Common Myths about Web Hosting

Posted by evanmurray on April 11th, 2019

When looking for a web hosting service, you will surely come across a range of attractive offers from dozens of providers. Some of them may be so attractive that they literally prevent you from performing critical analysis if necessary.

Web Hosting Myths 

Well, you do not want to make decisions when your brain is confused. That's how you end up with regrets. When choosing a web hosting service , you have to think about all these things.

Any web hosting provider can agree!

No. All web hosting providers are not equal. Like all other products and services, there are some that are worth the money spent and those that are not worth it. This also applies to web hosting providers. The last thing you need is to have problems when you have spent a lot of effort and money to create a great website.

There are several considerations to consider when choosing a web hosting company. To begin, look at the availability rate . Anything less than 99.9% is bad. For example, a 98% downtime can mean 3.4 hours of shutdown per week. Can you take that kind of risk?

Second, look at the  loading time . How long does it take to load a site? A site with fast loading and a good response time makes visitors happy, and it depends a lot on the hosting service you choose. In fact, response times also determine your ranking in the search engines. The faster your website is, the higher the rank.

Third, consider the number of domains you use. If you operate multiple sites, you will need a hosting service offering unlimited domains.

Finally, be sure to sign up with a vendor who is willing to offer you ongoing support.

Free web hosting is the best!
We all want things for free and in a perfect world, it's like that. But, we do not live in a perfect world and in this world, everything that is offered for free must be questioned. This is especially true when dealing with web hosting services.

One of the first problems that you can be sure of meeting with free hosting is that it is not professional quality. In other words, you can forget to provide your visitor with fast loading times and a pleasant experience.

Moreover, as we said, nothing is really free. The mere fact that the hosting service does not take money means that it must receive money from other sources. This usually happens through advertisers looking to place their ads.

Would you like to guess where these ads are likely to be placed? Yes, on your website.

Free hosting deals are like offers with the devil. The disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

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