Tips for making appetizing Dal Makhani

Posted by Sonali Kale on April 11th, 2019

Dal Makhani is an authentic North Indian recipe which is the most popular dal recipe from Punjabi cuisine. Dal Makhani is also the most popular recipe served in any restaurant. The ingredients used to make Dal Makhani are readily available in the kitchen.

Some tips for making appetizing Dal Makhani:

  1. Use whole spices: Ever noticed that when you eat Dal Makhani at a restaurant, there are whole spices used. And so, the taste of restaurant style Dal Makhani is different from the one made at home. The reason being, we use garam masala powder rather than whole spices or whole garam masala. Try using whole spices and then notice the change in taste.

  2. The right amount of butter and cream: We generally don't use cream when we make Dal Makhani at home. The missing of cream also happens to be one of the reasons that Dal Makhani does not taste like the restaurant. Also, we tend to use less amount of butter or use a mix of butter and oil or butter and ghee. So, make sure that the next time you prepare Dal Makhani, prepare it with using only butter and don't forget the cream.

  3. Dal Makhani, when slow cooked, tastes even better: Yes, it is true that when Dal Makhani is cooked on a low flame, tastes even better. For eg, if you are cooking Dal Makhani for 30 mins then try cooking on a low flame for 25 mins, and the see the difference in taste.

  4. Dal Makhani with an infused aroma of smoky charcoal:  Dal Makhani, which we eat in restaurants tends to have the taste of charcoal in it. Dal Makhani, when prepared with the use of smoky charcoal tastes a lot different when prepared without it. The technique is called as Dhungar smoking technique. The method is optional and can be skipped if you don't find charcoal.

  5. Soaking Rajma and Urad dal overnight: Soaking Rajma and Urad dal overnight is the first and foremost step in making Dal Makhani. People generally tend to forget soaking Dal and Rajma overnight. But, still, prepare it by many other techniques. The Dal Makhani will be ready, but there will be something missing or taste differently. When soaked the urad dal and rajma overnight, they take less time to prepare. For better taste and flavour, use fresh lentils instead of the expiry ones.

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