VooPoo Leave A Bad Smell After “Shady” Squonk “Deal” With Vandy Vape

Posted by freemexy on April 11th, 2019

Vape reviewers and much of the vaping community are calling for a complete boycott of all voopoo drag 2 platinum kit vape products following what appears on face value at least to be a decidedly underhand piece of ‘business’ over the much anticipated Pulse 80w regulated squonker.

In a nutshell Voopoo agreed to supply an initial 40,000 Gene chips – raised the price and then pulled out with some claiming they are intent on bringing out their own version of the hugely popular Pulse squonker!

I say ‘appears’ to be underhand mainly because despite Voopoo and Pulse manufacturers Vandy Vape ‘agreeing’ verbally and via email to work together – it seems no actual contract was signed despite samples being manufactured with the Gene chip.

Pretty sure that’s a basic principal in business – but then I’ve never been to business school…

So legally – if there’s such a term doing business in China – Voopoo has done nothing wrong – however morally they’ve shone a light onto the shadier side of the China based vape industry.

Cue indignant vapers and big number YouTube reviewers coming to the defense of Tony B who by all accounts is genuinely one of the nice guys on the vaping scene and a very good designer too based on the popularity of the Pulse Squonker and Pulse 22 and 24 RDAs.

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