What is a pool heater and how does it work?

Posted by John Smith on April 11th, 2019

On average, therefore, an outdoor swimming pool without pool heating can only be used for 2 to 4 months a year. As long as it takes for the water in the swimming pool to be heated by the sun, it quickly cools down when it suddenly gets cooler. In an unheated pool, the water temperature can drop by 1 - 2.5° C on a single cool day.

A Raypak Pool Heater is a device that heats the water in the swimming pool and keeps it at a comfortable temperature (most people prefer + 25 ° C). If the pool heating is generously dimensioned, it is even possible to use the swimming pool in winter.

However, for cost reasons, the majority of users only use their pool heating to extend the outdoor bathing season. With Raypak Electronic Heater, you can use the swimming pool from spring until well into autumn.

How does a pool heater work?

In order to heat the water in the swimming pool, it must be supplied with energy. This can be solar energy (solar pool heating), electric power (Electric Pool Heater) or heat energy (heat pump, pool oven, heat exchanger). The individual methods of pool heating will be explained in detail in our pool heating test below. In principle, pool heating is integrated into the circulation of water in the swimming pool.

This means that cold water is sucked out of the swimming pool by a circulation pump, passed through a filter and heated by the heating system. The heated water flows back into the pool and the cycle starts again. Water can store a lot of heat. To heat one liter of water by 1 ° C, 1 kcal of heat energy is necessary. A medium-sized swimming pool quickly holds around 40,000 liters of water.

To warm up this amount of water significantly, the heating system must be quite powerful. For the pool heater to bring the swimming pool to comfortable temperatures, it must be in operation for a longer period.

Advantages and applications of pool heating:

An unheated swimming pool is basically a waste because it can only be used for a short time a year, for example during long heat seasons in midsummer.

Another benefit of Propane Pool Heater is not so obvious. Operation of the system mitigates or compensates for the daily and seasonal variations in water temperature in the basin. This supports the work of the cleaning systems. In principle, a heated pool is, therefore, cleaner than an unheated one.

Raypak Aboveground Pool Heater is one of the best machines which you can easily install. Visit our website and buy the best heaters and other accessories for your pool.

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