What Can Cause Miscarriage in A Pregnant Woman; Know Below

Posted by coombalex on April 11th, 2019

Pregnancy is a journey that every woman cherishes all her life. It may be painful, full of anguish in terms of both physical health and anxiety issues but once your child is delivered and placed in your arms, you forget all the pain and anxiety you bear for the nine long months and during the time of delivery.

Call it nature’s blessing or the power of a woman to bear such physical strains during the phase of pregnancy, it is evident that not all can bear the pain!

While the entire pregnancy process is a very delicate one and needs extra care of the pregnant woman by the husband and the family members, there are still some unfortunate instances of miscarriages that occur in the pregnancy due to lack of proper care by them.

And it is more painful to a woman to lose her child due to miscarriage as compared to the pain of carrying her for the nine months in her womb. Thus, it is advised to every pregnant woman to be alert and careful so that she does not suffer a miscarriage.

Below mentioned are some reasons which cause miscarriage to let every woman now and be safe. Read on to find out

  • If there is any previous infection in the reproductive organs if the mother, like the uterus, fallopian, tube, etc. it can cause miscarriages.

  • Eating certain foods can cause miscarriages which includes uncooked or raw seafood, papaya, alcohol consumption, unpasteurized milk, Aloe Vera, animal liver, etc. Even consuming the best cbd products can also be harmful to pregnant women and lead to miscarriages to avoiding its consumption is recommended during the period!

  • Having uterine abnormalities can lead to miscarriages.

  • The age factor is one common cause in a woman suffering repeated miscarriages. With growing age a woman becomes less fertile and reproductively unhealthy, thus they lose the ability to nurture a baby in their womb which in turn causes miscarriages.

  • Some clinical conditions like high blood sugar, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc. can cause miscarriages in women.

  • Certain hormonal imbalance can lead to miscarriages as they can cause changes in the functioning of the baby’s growth which ultimately leads to the passing out of the baby in the mother’s womb.

The final take

The journey from conceiving to childbirth is special for every woman. It is the phase where her body becomes able to give birth to another human being, the emotional and physical changes keeps changing as the baby grows inside for nine long months and thereon delivered through a very painful process.

Still the mother never complains, instead, she takes care of her child like never before. It is very saddening that at times, due to various reasons, some women suffer miscarriages and thus lose her child, but with a bit of awareness and care, it can be prevented in some cases.

That is why the knowledge of the reasons which causes such issues must be known by every woman which is why the causes are mentioned above. Hopefully, it would help the pregnant women to take care of their baby well!

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