Advantages of buying car from authorized car dealers

Posted by Raseal Motors FZCO on April 11th, 2019

When you decide to buy a car, you have options of buying either a used car from a private seller or buy a new, certified pre-owned or used car from a dealer.

Though by going through a private seller or a broker, you might get a more casual, laid-back atmosphere yet buying care from car dealers in Dubai will prove advantageous. 

Car dealers in Dubai can certainly offer you extra option of choosing from wide range of cars, dealer-installed automotive accessories like an upgraded sound system, aftermarket upholstery and wheels etc.

While buying car from company’s various authorized car dealerships in Dubai, youcan get the advantage of extended warranty once the warranty given by the manufacturer expires.This helps in cost effective maintenance of the car.

In order to earn your business, most of the companies having car dealerships UAE can also offer you many other promotional benefits such as curb rash removed from wheels, change of oils, wheel alignment and wheel balancingetc.

Customized financing facility

You may also negotiate with the car dealers in Dubai and get discount in cost of the car besides myriad of other financing benefits which you are not likely to get through individual sellers or brokers.

While buying a car from private sellers, you will have to secure your own financing with your own means whereas the reputed car dealerships UAE, will offer their own financing options.

Even money lending companies will be happily agreeing for loan to you, if you are buying from any of the reputed car dealers in Dubai. Whereas, most of the money lending companies will show reluctance in granting loan, if you are buying car from private sellers or brokers.

Most of the reputed car dealers will be keen to discuss their flexible financing and insurance options and accordingly give you a workable and customized financial solution.

Reliability and reputation of car dealer

In sale and purchase of cars, the reputation of car dealers in Dubai matters a lot. Most of the reputed car dealerships in Dubai are customer oriented and always strive to fulfill their commitments made to customers at the time of selling car.

Usually problems do not come with new cars but if by chance the new car does pose a problem after you purchase it; you are in a better position to get help from the dealer. This is in contrast to the fact that once the car is sold by the private sellers, they are not interested in any further problems or issues with the car and do not pay any heed.

Most of the people like the casual and more relaxed atmosphere of buying a car from another person. However, it is really difficult for private sellers to beat the dealer's extras benefits on vehicle, their reliability, reputation and financial facilities.

You can look for the best car dealership in UAE on the basis of the brands that it has. Additionally check for their customer service and pricing to ensure that you are making the right choice. Take reviews from those that have recently purchased a vehicle.

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