Customer Experience: The Hottest Buzzword in Business These Days

Posted by Neha Gupta on April 12th, 2019

Customer Experience or more popular its abbreviated form CX is the ubiquitous term in business these days. But what exactly this term is? This question may nod in the mind who are new in their business. So, let’s first start with defining the word is the sum of all touchpoints and interactions a customer has with the company.

Nowadays, a customer can interact with brands of companies in more ways than ever. Either visiting through the website, browsing company’s products, reading customer reviews or go through the advertisement – all without speaking a single person. Technology and automation made countless customer interactions happen around the clock. From purchaser’s initial awareness of progressing through the purchase and use of product or service, every step is countable in CX.

How CX differs from Customer Services?

The focus of customer services or CS is to increase customer satisfaction by giving assistance on how to best use the product, resolving issues and ensuring they had a great buying experience. However, the customer experience involves start to end the journey with deep analytics of CS. Customer Service could be helping a customer to buy the right product, but CX tends to focus on pre-sale to post-sale experience. So, it might say that CS is part of the customer experience process.

Can CX be outsourced?

Just like customer support outsourcing or customer service outsourcing, CX also be outsourced with expert market researchers. Especially, if your business is in the start-up stage it is advisable to go for outsourcing expert handle the crucial strategy to deliver exceptional customer experience management with new digital channels. Here are the key points to go for outsourcing your customer interaction management:-

i) Industry specialists take care of customer’s demand through various support channels like a call, chat, email, social media with the best technology and employee expertise.

ii) Experts know how to manage support with advanced technology, infrastructure, and training resources

iii) Outsourcing facilitates smooth company-customer interactions with native language support to make customers feel more engaged with the brand. Interacting in regional language takes CX to the next level.

iv) Specialists focus on the rising expectations of the modern-day customer and enhance your customer experience with the latest trends.

How to implement a good customer experience strategy?

Customers are the boon for any business. That’s why companies are more focusing to win new customers and retain existing ones. Delivering a great experience to the customer is challenging as well as in high priority. So, you need to implement a strong CX strategy to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues.

i) The first step is to create a clear customer-focused vision with a set of statements that act as guiding principles. So that every member of your team should follow these principles and they must execute into all areas from training to development.

ii) For building strong customer relationships, you must be able to meet the needs and wants of your customers. Customer support teams must know how to deal with different type of customers.

iii) The best customer experience is created when the dealing person generates an emotional connection with the customer. Emotions shape the attitudes that drive the decision.

iv) Ideally capturing feedback in real time helps you to boost up CX with your business. Automated tools are the best way to gain more insightful feedbacks.

v) You must know what customer think about the quality of the service compared to the CX principles you have defined. A quality framework helps you by tracking your team’s development and customer satisfaction with the team member.

vi) Many companies are using Net Promoter Score or NPS to collect valuable information on customer experience metric. You measure your CX to increase the value of your business.


Customer Experience means a lot for any company. Understanding your customer, architecture a plan and empowering employees to deliver exceptional customer service is all that needs to lead a business ahead. A good CX strategy helps to boost-up your customers, reduces churn and expand revenues.

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