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Posted by Miley Munroe on April 12th, 2019

If you are planning a trip to El Dorado County to enjoy the breathtaking Tahoe mountain bike trailsand looking for ways to enhance your riding experience, you are at the right place. For someone who has been riding a bike for quite some time, mountain biking might not sound very intimidating. After all, how difficult would it be to translate road biking skills on the trail? Well, mountain biking is not as easy as it seems, and requires more than just pedaling and steering. Here are a few tips on Lake Tahoe mountain biking that can help you to ensure a smoother, safer and fun ride –

 1. Use different approaches for riding uphill and downhill - Lake Tahoe uphill climbs are going to take a lot of cardio, while the downhill sections, a lot of skill. Because your body position changes when you are descending a mountain vs. when you are ascending, when you are going uphill, you should keep your chest to the bars. This forward shift allows you to move your momentum forward. When you are riding downhill, you should keep your elbows out and shift your hips back over the back tire in an active stance. It counteracts the downhill momentum, thus minimizing the chances of you going over the handlebars.

2. Be sensitive to the land beneath you - Orient yourself to the various specific topographical features like mountain peaks, valleys, creeks, lakes, and even neighborhoods. Recognize different types of soils and trail construction to avoid locking your brakes and skidding as it damages the trail. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage and erosion.

3. Use weight for steering and always look ahead - Most bikers are used to steering with handlebars, but when you are mountain biking, it is better to shift your weight around in order to steer. As you are about to take a turn, lean into the turn to allow your bike round the corner. Look through, not just the turn but further down the trail where you want to go. Looking ahead is important because it helps you get over obstacles, for examples rocks or roots.

Last but definitely not the least, wear proper gear and don’t rush into anything, especially if it is your first time. Start slow and steady and you will eventually start to gain speed.

Lake Tahoe mountain biking is easy and fun if you ride smart and take proper safety measures. Have a great time in El Dorado County and explore the best of mountain biking trails.

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