6 Ways to Make Your Cat Fall in Love with You

Posted by dennishahn on April 13th, 2019

Cat is a pretty clingy pet. It shows love by being clingy and suffers from anxiety when left without the person they love. Cats always pick one favorite person in the family out of all and maintain a pretty amazing bond with them over time. Winning a cat's heart requires s allot more than just cat treats. Here are a few ways you can be your cat's favorite person.

  1. Let the pet cat be in control

Felines just love being in control. They like to decide when and what they want. Your pet cat will truly love you if you work according to its mood swings. You have to make it look like you are not the in charge but in fact that little kitten is. Don’t try to corner the cat and pet it when it’s absolutely not ready. Make it feel safe around you.

  1. Let it come to you

Making your new little buddy feel safe in your presence is something every owner should think of. As we have already been through the above points, we know that it is extremely moody. Let the kitty come to you for comfort. Be her safe zone and she will just be around you to pet it the whole day.

  1. Don’t ever put them in any strangers’ hand

Those cute little felines just do not like new humans around them. It takes a lot of time for them to adjust to choosing their one favorite human. If you just hand your cat to a complete stranger, she is never going to forgive you for that. Don’t ever let your cat be handled by someone new to her. Even while putting her in a pet boarding in eastern suburbs make sure it’s familiar with the surroundings or else she will just elope.

  1. Earning your cat's trust is important

Cats live when they get positive attention. Don’t handle them even a little harshly, if you forcefully try to cuddle with her or stroke her, she might just not like you ever. Let her take her time and get comfortable with you and the new surroundings. Cats never forget their past and that’s a thing the owners must always remember.

  1. Your personality must be in sync with the cat’s temperament

A cat tends to be more on the side of the person who naturally resembles her personality. If your cat is anxious in nature, it might feel safe around a personality which is calm and soothing. If your cat loves pampering, take her for cat grooming in North shore and she is sure to love you.

  1. Cat breeds are naturally fussy, it’s their nature

Cats usually only have one favorite person in the whole family and it’s in their nature to do so. They tend to have space for only one human in their heart. They also fulfill all their needs from this very relationship only. Try to be that person.

Cats are an amazing pet. Cat vaccinations in eastern suburbs are kind of a must now. Getting vaccinated is a good thing for cats and their owners so be sure to get it done as soon as you bring her home. If you are not around for a while then it would be better to keep your cat in one of the cat boarding in eastern suburbs.

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