Benefits of Organic Eggs

Posted by pureyolks on April 13th, 2019

Have you noticed that we no longer talk about seasonal fruits or vegetables? There used to be a time when mangoes were found in summer, and cauliflowers in winter, because that was the way nature ordained it to be. But now, with the advances in cold storage technology, almost every fruit and vegetable is available all year round. Just like this, another way in which we humans interfere with Nature’s Laws is by injecting of chemical, additives and synthetic growth hormones into farm produce to make them ripen faster or to make them look better.

One example of this are eggs. They can be called super foods, because they contain every type of nutrient that we need for a healthy diet. But in spite of this, a variety of chemicals are injected into eggs before they are sold to us – synthetic colours, growth hormones, antibiotics etc. But organic eggs are those which are grown in a completely organic manner. Let us look at some benefits of organic eggs:

  1. Of all the foods we eat, organic eggs are the best source of vitamins. Our needs for the following vitamins get fulfilled when we consume organic eggs – Vitamins D, E, K, and B6.
  2. Organic eggs also have some valuable minerals which are essential for balanced growth. Some of these nutrients are calcium, and zinc. These are essential for maintaining the electrolytic balance inside the body.
  3. There is a misconception that eggs cause cholesterol. But actually organic eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the functioning of the heart.
  4. Another misconception is that eggs help put on weight. The reality is that eggs are packed with nutritious foods including proteins. They actually make you feel full and help avoid binge eating.

If you are able to procure organic eggs from dependable farms like Pure Yolks, you can be assured of the above health benefits and more.

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