Retro Style - Vintage Bathroom Design

Posted by frivolo on April 14th, 2019

Vintage Bathroom

Vintage style is a bit like retro, but allows you to use not only old materials and furnishings, but also modern techniques. It can be said that vintage is a retro style in modern style.

Characteristic features of vintage style

  • Vintage allows the use of vintage and modern items;
  • It's very simple, no luxury;
  • Vintage suggests the effect of a mess in the bathroom;
  • Nothing bright and defiant in decoration.

It should be noted that the creation of a bathroom in vintage style requires a lot of time and money. Not so easy to find the desired element of design or decor. Not all can be purchased, or make your own hands.

How to create a vintage style in the bathroom

According to the designers, the use of furniture and other elements made in the same style is a mistake. If in one room to collect all the antiques, it will resemble a museum. In this respect, the vintage bathroom style is more democratic than the retro style. Here you can combine antiques with modern elements.

The flooring in the bathroom you need to choose wood. It should be scuffed and worn. No ceramic tiles on the walls! For painting the ceiling and walls used water-based paint. To diversify the ceiling a little, whitewash is applied, which has a rough texture, as if it was walked on with a paintbrush.

Light mess and clutter are artificially created, the room should be perfectly clean.

When creating an interior in vintage style, you should very carefully select finishing materials. Monochromatic putty is used to cover the walls. After that, the walls are painted in warm bed colors. Moisture-proof wallpapers that are decorated with large flowers are suitable for wall decoration.

Remember, you only need to choose one finish. Combine several types of finishing materials in this style is impossible. Furniture is selected depending on the style of wall decoration. Furniture must be made in the old style. In that case, if the wallpaper is used as a decoration with a large floral ornament, the furniture should be simple, painted white and aged. If the walls are plain and painted, the furniture should be dark in color, decorated with curly cutting. You can use the furniture in retro style.

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