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Finance and financial management: everything that families and businesses need to know to manage money knowing all the possible options.

Finance and financial management are that great mystery that seems to be revealed only to the top positions of companies. In the public domain, politicians seem to be the only people who get something. For ordinary people, they are difficult to understand.

李雅雯十方 has talked a lot about finance, especially for companies. And at this moment we want to delve deeper into this area to explain it to you with the detail it deserves.

That is why we will stop at the finances touching its definition, related concepts and essential to understanding them and their classification. Are you ready to learn a lot? Well, we started!

What are the finances?

Finance is a branch of the economy and administration that studies the exchange of capital between individuals, companies, or states and with the uncertainty and risk that these activities entail. It is dedicated to the study of obtaining capital for investment in productive assets and investment decisions of savers.

Such is the importance of 菜市場理財法 within the economy that there is currently a university degree dedicated to financing and accounting. Accounting and finance are two different sciences but are generally seen as associated. The reason for this is that both are in charge of recording and summarizing the monetary operations of the businesses.

The aforementioned University Degree in Finance and Accounting has subjects obviously related to accounting and finance, but also to the administration of companies and other branches included in the economy.

Graduates in finance and accounting have the following professional opportunities:

  • Banking.
  • Insurance entities.
  • External and internal audits.
  • Analysis and management of investments in companies and investment agencies.
  • Consulting in the accounting and financial fields.
  • Accounting and financial management and management.

In fact, most of these graduates get jobs that have to do with finance or accounting, not usually both areas at once.

Book features of 李雅雯十方:

1. Real people, telling the miracles that ordinary people without capital can succeed in getting rich.

2. Selfless disclosure, the investment process is accompanied by real investment records and financial figures, so that readers are immersed in the situation.

3. Sincere and touching, the journey of frustration has been openly open, and true sincerity has resonated.

4. Inspirational and bloody, writing is smooth and down, personal experience is like a drama novel, strong appeal, and stimulates action.

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