6 Biggest Web Design Trends That Rocked in 2019

Posted by citrusstudio on April 15th, 2019

Design is a dynamic entity and keeps on evolving with time. With each passing year, many new design trends come and dominate the web. The field of web design is advancing with new tools and practices for constructing mind blowing layouts. It has always been a challenge to keep your designs up-to-date with the newest trends. With lots of growing design trends, it’s tough to predict which trend will exactly draw the greatest user attention.

The recently growing web design trends are:

1. Hero images

It is one of the best way to gain user attention. Designs which consists of a super hero, a player or a hero image are comparatively more viewed than other design templates. Featuring a high definition image on your home page design with call to action can increase conversions. Due to advancements in bandwidth, there is no image load time problem. Therefore, this trend is growing tremendously.

2. Card Layouts

Card layouts were generalized by Pinterest, few years ago and since then they have become a trend for web pages having large content. This layout style uses animated cards of different sizes. Free plugins like jQuery Masonry is used to mimic this style. These cards can be placed everywhere on a web page and are usually called content containers. The landing page of Google Now uses a card layout.

3. Material Design

Google has adopted material design for the basis of UI presentation and development. This uplifting caused material design style language to reach the next dimension ahead of the flat design. Material design provide enhancements to flat design by incorporating light and shadows, including grid-based layouts and responsive animations. It is generally considered as a design language developed to simplify the process of creating user interfaces for Android platform.

4. Color and Typography

Artistic and calligraphic fonts are becoming popular as minimal designs impact the design trends. An effective use of typography is introduced to convey values and messages. Experiment with fonts as a clean and clear website reflects your brand’s visual style. A combination of bolder colors and refined fonts can make a website look attractive. 2016 web design trends are marked by a lot of colour and effective typography.

5. Animations

Animations doesn’t require a good design, but they can convert a good design into a great design if used properly. Human vision is generally drawn towards movement. Therefore, motion animation can be used to attract user attention towards a certain focus point. These animations can add interest and user engagement. Web animations should be used gently to enhance an interface without disturbing any design element.

6. Responsive Designs

One of the important web design trend is responsive web design. You need to create a responsive design which can operate effectively on any platform either laptop or mobile. Your design should be flexible and fully featured. To enhance a responsive design, use moving backgrounds and screen banners. Responsive web design are most compatible with minimalism. These designs work smoothly with card layouts as they can fit themselves to any screen size

These were few of the biggest web design trends of 2016 which can help you develop an impressive website. Citrus Studio is a web design and web development company which offers the latest web design techniques for creating an attractive website.

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